Vampiric Bloodlines

8.27 Vampiric Bloodlines

The blood of the Vampires has been changed, and the following is an attempt to gather together the best knowledge of the effects of the Rajamala Datlotl's experiments and Primus Abhorash's Gift.

The Primus is now chosen by a Ritual performed by the leaders of each Consanguine House. Four out of five must make this choice and supply their blood for the Primus to take control of the Blood. Once done, the Primus is the font from which the power of the Blood flows, and powers at this level affect the entire Blood.

Privs: It would be easier to list that which they cannot do.

There are five Consanguine Houses. Each House has a House leader, who is Child of the Primus and therefore considered Generation 2. They are Emperors or Empresses. Each may have two childer, who will become Prince or Princess. The strength of Blood is still strong at this level and may affect their entire House.
House leaders may be challenged via an election process to replace them. Their line will then be reshuffled.

Privs: Complete control over a House. They may also Sanction, write helpfiles 
       for the Dominion, view accounts, and everything else for bloodlines below 

Princesses and Below
All other vampires descend from Prince or Princess, starting at Generation 3. Their powers only affect the blood of those directly below them, and all may dilute their Blood into three childer.

       Grand Duke/Duchess:
       Arch Duke/Duchess: LASTLOGIN/ENEMYSTATUS
       Duke/Duchess: ENEMIES/TREATY

Your Sire may be any with an available slot, or you may speak to Vinessa to be held at the rank of Baronette for eternity. This holds no prestige, of course. This may be changed via ritual.

Embracing is the process of bringing you into the blood formally. Vinessa may again help you, but better that another of the Blood does so. The one who Embraced you may restore Sire lines without ritual, needing only to RECONNECT BLOOD.

Falling and Sireless
Those without Sire will find the following effects:

Regular loss of blood pools
They will fall a generation every month
Blood pools will shrink with each generation
Everyone in their line will fall with them

Upon reaching generation 13 any vampire will lose their sire and be completely disconnected. They will not be able to take any childer until they find their way back into the bloodline proper.

Dormant vampires fall out of the bloodline entirely and force a reshuffling.

Complicated Reshuffling
No one wants this to happen, it is complicated.

If a sire is disconnected, their childe with the largest bloodline beneath them will take over their generational position. Their previous sire's childer will become theirs, and the generation below them will undergo a similar shuffle. Each rank will have the member with the largest line below them ascend to the empty slot above, taking over childer for the one who held the position previously.

The long and short of it is that a broad base of childer makes for a more powerful vampire. While the Primus is the Source, the breadth and depth of the Bloodline holds the true power.