Spider Roundup

After so many weeks covered by spiders, let’s talk new in Aetolia in one post. Here’s hoping for less arachnids.

A new arena game, without the violence! Come play Hide and Seek to get those milestones, no expertise required. Just be clever.

This one is bigger than it seems. NPCs now have mana, endurance, and willpower! This upgrade lets mana draining attacks work on denizens, if you like. It also opens up a future where NPC attacks cost mana, creating a new world of strategy to prevent those huge 3x damage attacks from just randomly stacking up.

Alas, the Terry dungeon is gone. But it is not forgotten! We tested out a new method for story finales, and after your response, it will likely be kept. Instead of one large fight at a given time we can host instances over a period of days, letting everyone in on the action, regardless of timezone.