News and Events

Alexina Wins!

Alexina triumphed in the Great Hunt, followed close behind by Darliea and Beltaine! Congratulations to all who participated!

Horror Egg

A monk by the name of Maeka Rhashye excavated what appeared to be a fossilized egg from Tarissa's dig site today. The egg began moving soon after its discovery, and Maeka accidentally dropped it, causing it to roll away. It was later found by a Syssin called Ishin Cardinalis. Ishin took the egg back to his home city of Spinesreach, where it was soon acquired by the mage Kikon Corona. Not long after, the egg began hatching to reveal a tentacled mass of horror - the charahas - which quickly claimed Kikon as its first victim.

Niuri Returns

After years of nothing from Lady Niuri, the source of Her silence was finally revealed. Trapped in an unknown Plane beyond Aetolia, it took the combined efforts of Harad, Neoma, Mariena, and various others to pull Her free from Her prison. While safe once again, She is permanently altered from the experience, the degree to which remains unknown.

Shadow Monks

Shadowy monks struck again, this time as an attack on the Temple of Fire, in the Peshwar. The people of Enorian retaliated, as a Paladin named Aden discovered their hidden village in the Pash valley. After destroying a strange source of dark fire, Thea and the rest of her monks were slain, and the village reduced to rubble. Afterwards, the khaimara led a small group to the volcano, and its return to the flames, as well as the actions of Piri, one of Her followers, led to the reappearance of Auresae, Goddess of Fire.

Lumberjacks Slain

The loud crash of trees being felled echoed across the land as a new logging trail was revealed near the Western Ithmia. Investigating players discovered a group of Dolbodi lumberjacks carrying logs over to the Shrine of Ascension. Forestals were quick to intervene, killing all of them. An enraged woman, Tarissa, shouted her demand to know the names of those who slew her workers. As players flocked to Tarissa, she revealed she was constructing a dig site to explore the possibility of a locus beneath the Shrine of Ascension and had paid the lumberjacks to supply her with the wood needed.

Snake Pit Problems

A small rumble echoed from the bottom of Spinesreach, and it was found that the Syssin's old snake pit had finally given way into the catacombs. An older Syssin defender by the name of Garthus was on duty to feed the snakes, and forgot, making the snakes greatly irritated and giving them just enough fury to finally knock down the wall. They escaped into the catacombs, where Ishin, Eugenides, Trask, Devin, and Lenupe were there to assist in the retrieval of the snakes. Unfortunately, the walls of the catacomb were too weak to repair without endangering the structures above it.

Veridius Wins!

Veridius triumphed this month in the Great Hunt, with Ryv and Tessra following a close second. Congratulations to all of the Hunters!

Silverain Bridges

Recently, Rivas Silverain hired a group of Trolls to build a series of bridges dubbed the \Silverain Bridges\ across the chasm that was once the Raphaelan Highway. However, one obstacle awaited them - the massive corpse of the Kerrithrim blocking the cliff face near Delos. Thus, Rivas strapped the cliff edge with explosive boomsticks, which he hired the Pyrotechnic Ferlbo to invent. Attaching the remaining boomsticks to his person, along with several explosive sigils, Rivas focused on his Inner Spark to force himself to explode in a fiery conflagration that set off all the explosives.

Arion Returns

Loud peals of hammer upon metal resounded throughout the realm, and the isolated island of Mostyn began to glow brightly, with a flame that seemed to belong to a great heat. It was not until today, however, that a flash of light filled Enorian; an image of Lanos' flaming Sword of Truth slowly transmuting itself into the golden Blade of Valour. Though the attention of the citizens of Enorian were piqued, only Jaelle of the Luminaries thought to seek out the Halls of the former Lord of Truth. There, she found her old master, Lord Arion; though he was the God of Valour no longer.

Isle of Mostyn

Once more, the pure-white Divine essence made itself known in the city of Enorian, basking the city in a glowing white light. Abruptly, the essence coalesced and shot off towards the Isle of Mostyn. A golden hue surrounded Mostyn in response and a bright burst of light was emitted as the two essences clashed. The struggle continued and deafening thunderclaps resonated across the land with each strike. Suddenly, a blinding flash of light swept over the land as the essences clashed one last time.


A mild breeze flowed through the city of Enorian, preceding a stream of pure-white Divine essence that coursed through the city. Images of a flaming sword cleaving a knotted rope flashed within people's minds as the essence brushed past them, accompanied by colours of blue and silver. The essence ran through the city one more time in its investigation, before eventually disappearing. Many citizens flocked to Lord Lanos' temple in wake of the essence, hoping that it may be a sign of His return.


Mortals of Sapience began preparing plans to counter the Godkiller, Kerrithrim. Armies were raised, catapults were built and methods of attack were discussed. Immediately upon the monstrosity setting foot upon the shore, the Manipulator sent shadows to impede the beast while He began a great working. As the Kerrithrim advanced, Ivoln, the Earthern Lord tore apart the Raphaelan Highway and left a gaping chasm to slow the monster's progress. The mortals began launching themselves at the two-mile high beast using catapults and scaled its massive body in search of a weak point.


The Almighty Kerrithrim rose again from the sea and strode inland. He paused before the Tower of Artifice, before crushing it with a single blow. Nearing the Ithmias, the beast looked down on the forest in anger. Raising a mighty foot, he smashed it down into the forest, creating a crater of unknown depths. With its neck wound still bleeding, the monster began its return to the ocean. He was stopped by the Goddess Khepri, the Seething Chaos who ordered it to sit and be Her minion.

Silver Spire Explodes

The Silver Spire accidentally exploded due to the tamperings of Saayer, the Spellshaper leader, under aide from a group of Magi led by Tralendar. The elemental links inside the Spire collapsed into a violent vortex off the eastern coast, causing a huge tidal wave to sweep away the peaceful village of Shastaan and awakening a creature of tremendous power. Bringing death and destruction in its wake, The Almighty Kerrithrim awoke from deep beneath the ocean, turning first to the city of Enorian.


After being deceived by the Artificer, the leaders of Ashtan looked for new ways to strengthen their city. Turning their eyes to nearby tribes, they began negotiations that lasted for months. As things were about to be finalized, the mages of the isles rose up against the newcomers and decided to stand up their own leaders. The rebellion was quickly beaten down by Truft, Akayn, Ilythla and others, before the new guards were welcomed to the city to replace those who retired.

War Returns

War returned to the battlefields of Aetolia as the citizens of its cities began once more to enlist in the city militias and troops stormed across the continent in an effort to capture territory.

Master Crystal Healed

In the months that followed a series of tremors that left the Master Crystal damaged, the Magi, led by Zras Cardinalis and Mirai, sought clues that might unfold the mystery surrounding the calamity. After a series of events that included a ritual that healed the Master Crystal and the abduction of the guild tutor, Alaihandra, the Magi were successful in destroying the menacing shadow giant that held Alaihandra and enjoyed the return of their beloved guild tutor.

Owal Seluno

Owal Seluno, son of the famous Huwald, returned to sapience today to bring his Father's horn to his Lord the Hunter. The Hunter accepted the gift and regrew the Temple of Thorns in the jungle of Dun where the old Lissdraigen stood.