News and Events

Sickness in the Aalen

Tsol'aa residents of the Aalen forest met a mysterious purple sludge raining from the sky during the airship chase from Sapience to the continent of Albedos. Now, only a short time later, many Tsol'aa have found themselves horribly mutated and diseased, corrupted by the sludge's influence. After Indiana witnessed their plight and reported the grim news to his peers, those uninfected in the village came together with Moirean, Jhoira, Sibatti, Edhain and others to decide their fates and strike plans for the future.

Skychase and Grand Discovery: Albedos!

Resistance fighters watched as Marzpawn Zorusthi destroyed the Needle of Balance from his airship, triggering a massive explosion that sent the city of Ashtan sinking into the sea. As the airship fled the continent, it dropped an explosive that spread a sticky purple scum over the Aalen Forest, but this diversion provided just enough time for the Resistance to commandeer the last remaining Dreikathi airship, and with a Tarpen pilot brainwashed by the Order of the Artificer, began an aerial pursuit of Zorusthi!

Ankyrean Lord Mazzion!

With the Resistance on its heels in the face of overwhelming force from two mighty dragons and the remaining Dreikathi, Qeddwyn arrived with armor from the days of ancient Ankyreans. The assembled fighters unanimously chose Mazzion Cardinalis to don the armor, which transformed him into an Ankyrean Lord and blessed him with unrivaled strength! Mazzion then lead a fierce charge against the dragons and Dreikathi, slaying all but one of the Dreikathi Marzpawn, who fled in an airship!

The slaying of Quoloth

After Villi Selannor managed to neutralize the regiment of Utari warriors guarding Quoloth, she rallied Sapience together to help destroy the phantom dragon. While Tuiln led the Resistance in a charge against the forces of Drakkenmont occupying the Isle of Dusk, players engaged Quoloth in a gruesome battle. Eventually, both the Resistance and the players proved victorious, and the Isle of Dusk is now liberated from Drakkenmont's control.

A perfect disguise

Severn, the Manipulator set forth a plan. Calling one of His followers to His side, He bestowed upon them the task of luring Malorea, priestess of Auresae, away from Auresae's temple. Severn assisted His follower by completely changing their form to become that of Willem, Malorea's long-dead husband. Thus this \Willem\ managed convince Malorea to leave the temple, much to the distress of her Lady's followers, and led her to a nearby forest.

The Freedom of Arion

After being held captive for sometime, the combined forms of the God Lanos and Arion, the Truthseeker found themselves released from their firey prison by the followers of the very Deity that placed them there, Auresae, Goddess of Fire. Free, but still without a weapon it is yet to be seen what effects the Axiom will have on its new owner. Unpleased with these events, She continues to hold the God's weapon, the Axiom, in Her possession, disregarding warnings of it's ill effects.

Bandit Raid

Ever since Tygrin's death during the initial Drakkenmont invasion, Spinesreach has been without a Warden to keep control of the bandits within Spinesreach's territory. As a result, in the years that have passed since then, the bandits had grown cocky and bold. A small group of them decided it would be an easy task to raid and plunder the city. Citizens and guards alike easily repelled the bandits, but were troubled by the bandits' boldness. As such, the city is now looking for a new Warden.

The Sealing of Arion

The Hunter and the Goddess of Fire enacted a plot to split the essences of Arion and Lanos. Sensing Auresae's impending failure, Haern attempted to destroy the Truthseeker completely. In the end, the Hunter was thwarted by the Fire Goddess and She locked Arion in a Pillar, sealing Him away for an unknown length of time.

The Ashtan Resistance

A resistance movement in Ashtan was revealed today after Tuiln, the leader, sent out runners to all the major cities requesting their assistance. When players arrived in the resistance's base on the outskirts of Ashtan, they found what little remained of the resistance besieged by Iraneth, the Green Dragon. Tuiln quickly explained the situation, and a raid was led upon the dragon. Many people fell, but eventually the dragon was conquered. With the immediate threat over for now, Tuiln gathered everyone back in the camp where he discussed the situation in Ashtan, and beseeched them for aid.

Tenacious invaders

Despite their encampment in the Scidve Cove being completely wiped out, the Drakkenmont invaders have shown they will cede no ground. New regiments of forces led by Badeen, an Ursal blademaster, have begun occupying the area. While their numbers are far less than before, they still pose a dangerous threat to adventurers.

A Combined Effort

Sorrounded by Their Faithfull, the Gods of Fire and Water devised a plan to strike a blow at the Dreikathi invaders. With Slyphe and Auresae at their head, warriors flooded into the mountains of Scidve. The Lord of the Seas called forth a mighty tidal wave as the Goddess of Fire rained down balls of fire and caused a searing inferno to ravish the enemy encampment. With the fortifications destroyed, the Mortals of Sapience marched into the Cove, decimating the remaining forces in furious bloodshed.

A Volcanic Eruption

The eruption of a volcano that was once the holy seat of Rahn, Lord of Fire, released a horde of demons and blistering elementals, some of whom chased adventurers back to the walls of the nearby city of Enorian. Though the immediate threat was quelled, the volcano remains active and its fiery inhabitants bellicose.

Art and Blood

Attacked by a band of savage Grooks, the village of Kornar enlisted the aide of the city of Bloodloch in turning back the tide of the assault. In return, the village's resident artisan, Mala, crafted an elegant, enchanted mosaic for the city from materials gathered by Bloodloch's citizens.

The Great Hunt!

This months Great Hunt has ended with Paris becoming the victor with an astounding 19,645 points! He was followed closely by Sotere and Alexina. Log in today to view the complete Top Ten.

The Fall of Ashtan

Overcoming the combined forces of the cities of Sapience, the invading army of Drakkenmont, led by the Dreikathi Polemarch Andalso and his Marzpawn, were able to breach the walls of Ashtan and conquer its territory. The city has slowly begun to transform into a military camp for the invading force. Refugees from the city have begun to gather in the nearby Liruma Scrublands.

Truth in Artifice

Plagued by the memories of Lanos, Arion the Truthseeker had been pouring all of His thoughts into unraveling the mysteries of these invaders. In His pondering, the Truth did in fact come to Him, or at least a certain sort of Truth. The Lord of Artifice Himself, Severn, was the only logical being other than Varian Himself who could possibly have the power to mask the knowledge of these creatures from the other Divine. So Arion, with the aid of both His and Severn's faithful, soon learned of a means to enter the Shadow Plane.


The Duiran Council and the City of Spinereach were bombarded by mysterious invaders from the east, appearing in the skies above Sapience in massive airships. The ships reached the coast outside Delos first, where they promptly unloaded a wave of troops to quickly scatter those who had gathered to await their arrival. The bombing destroyed the Spirean Institute as well as damaging other portions of the city, while Duiran suffered catastrophic damage to the Heartwood.

Shrine System Updates

Significant changes to aetolia's shrine system were released today.With limits on how many shrines each Order can build, new and improved shrine powers and updates tothe holywar system, the various members of the divine orders scurried across sapience in an attemptto gain the best influence for their Diety.

Amal, the Soldier

After an explosion triggered by some careless hunters revealed a secret section of the Ankyrean containment lab, players quickly arrived to investigate. Within there, they found a stasis device imprisoning a being. Curiosity got the better of Atrapoema, who opened the stasis chamber to reveal a grosteque creature. He revealed himself to be creation, and servant, of the Ankyreans, an amalgamation of the Aetolian Races: Amalgamation Prototype One - Amal, for short. After some confusion, he eventually wandered over to Spinesreach to seek his old masters out.

RSS Feed

Aetolia now has a RSS feed everyone can subscribe to for quick updates about recent announce posts and website news!

Sciomancers and Ascendril

The Magi guild has dissolved, and in its place rise the Sciomancers of Spinesreach and the Ascendril of Ashtan! Join today, and become a Master of the Shadows or a Weaver of the Spirit!

Kazael the Syssin

After a violent quake shook the catacombs of Spinesreach, Trask Dufrane discovered the remains of a long dead Syssin defender in a chamber revealed by the tremors. As people gathered, the distraught ghost of the Syssin, Kazael, appeared and revealed he was from the time of the Ankyreans. Branded a traitor to the Syssin due to actions he performed under Yrtez's control, he revealed it was his own mentor who slew him. The Syssin guild and others started looking for Kazael's journal, which contained stolen information from Yrtez and the evidence that he was not, in fact, a traitor to the guild.

Skeletons in the Closet

Slight tremors shook the City of Enorian, and the ghost of Rudolpho Montaganet appeared in his tomb beneath the city's ornate palace. Dazed and unsure of what was happening to him, he was suddenly joined by the ghost of his mother, the imposing and austere Dowager Montaganet, who whisked him off to a yet unknown location. What has caused these long-dead souls to filter back to Sapience? What does the Dowager have in store for her son? And what about Camilla Prietta, who remains mutilated by Amairgen and hides still in the Dahkota Hills?

Tainhelm Gifts

Freed from their terrible oppression under Bloodloch's cruel reign, the villagers of Tainhelm have stepped forth to show their appreciation for the efforts put forth from members of the Paladins Guild. Under the initiative of their Mayor, the Dwarves began to turn in their heartfelt letters, thanking the Paladins for their part in liberating the village for Enorian and the Light, with special mentions made to Knight-Marshall Edhain de Verdigris.

The Liakari Threat

A totem in the Mamashi Grasslands was created to protect the surrounding area as the Sentinels guild, led by Xon Vekato, Wylliam Te'Straif, Irruel du Vallianse and Jensen Starion, successfully helped a hunter named Ocamara defend against the threat of the Liakari village. The guild managed to find all six stones before the villagers could enlist the full assistance of the Paladins guild, leaving an unresolved conflict as to the rights of mortals versus the rights of trees.