News and Events

Major Foci

Corpses of both players and eld alike litter Aetolia as the Major Foci system makes it return known. The rarest of all the foci, a Major is significantly different from the others. Different scenarios will play out as the event goes on, and make potentially result in a boss fight against a colossal eld! Read full information on the system here.

Snakes On A Plain

A terrible snakepit has been discovered below Pash Valley! Rashar, Belania, Drahkuna, and Kendri rushed to Trivalin's aide - trying to help him save his wife, Abaela, who fell in. Unfortunately, she had already passed. Trivalin now remains nearby the entryway of the snakepit, seeking to pay anyone of Enorian for the creatures who took his love from him.

The Destruction of Ulangi

This month in Aetolia, Ulangi found itself the scene for the final act of the war between the Grook and the Horkval, resulting in the petrification of the entire island and the destruction of the homeland of both races.

Read the full event summary here.

Tcanna Island

Aetolia has just released a new bashing area for level 99+ players: Tcanna Island! With over 400 rooms and more than 650 NPCs to kill, it is by far our largest bashing area yet.

The Mhun's Freedom

On the 6th of Chakros, year 422, the subterranean Moghedu Territories were moved through a joint effort of the forces of Light and Spirit and the forces of Moghedu. While a two-pronged assault upon Bloodloch was in progress, Nesventesh, the Great Mhunna of Moghedu, the Sentaari, and the Daru collaborated in an attempt to shift Moghedu into Bloodloch in a potentially catastrophic blow to the City.

An Empress is Sired

Enacting the will of the Primus, Princess Sarita Bahir'an led the Consanguine in a mass turning of the village of el'Jazira in the month of Lanosian. As the destructive onslaught died down, Sarita was elevated to the status of Empress by Abhorash Nahekhara, in recognition of her talents and commitment to the ideals of his Dominion.

Read details on the full event here:


The fall of the Steelhew Regime

Weeks of protracted warfare culminated today in the capture of the dead city of Hashan and the toppling of the Steelhew regime, but the victory was short-lived as the freed prisoner within the Demon Blade made Their release known. The Blade itself was lost in the violence, but is still lusted for by many across Sapience.



Corruption of the Slyphian Grotto

Things came to a head between the Dark Lady and the Maelstrom on the 22nd of Niuran, 413 AF, as the Cult of Chakrasul, led by Ashmer Ras'valyra and Tina Cardinalis, marched to glorious purpose, storming the hallowed grounds of the Slyphian Grotto in a bid to seize the Temple for their Mistress. While Chakrasul came away with a wound to the gut during Her duel against Slyphe, She was the eventual victor.

Murdery Mystery Valentine

Disaster has struck the engagement party of Max Chandsome in Aetolia! His fiancee, Maisy Bucanton, has been murdered and the suspect appears to be one of Max's many girlfriends, or perhaps even Max himself! It's up to you to solve the whodunnit in our exciting Valentine's Day event.

Abhorash's Sixth

On Variach 15th, 412 MA, Abhorash Nehekhara, the Primus of the Dominion, gave of his blood to Ezalor D'baen, and sired his sixth childe.

The line of Nehekhara has not seen a new descendant since the siring of the treacherous Kauller, from an era most of Sapience has forgotten. The ascent of Emperor D'baen bridges the generational gap, and brings an ancient power to the world that has not been seen for years. Their strength enhanced by the blood of the Primus, Ezalor's progeny have followed their Sire in rank and stature, making royalty of rabble.

The Unveiling of the Alcazar

The sunken Alcazar complex in Bloodloch held its grand re-opening recently, with the Primus declaring it to be the new stronghold of the Imperial Dominion. Part government complex, part luxurious playground, the announcement was coupled with the appointment of each Overlord as a Warlord of the four villages currently under Bloodlochian control.

Sentinel revamp

A revamp of the Sentinel class was just released in Aetolia! Huge changes have been made to their Dhuriv and Woodlore skills, and they have received a brand new skill called Tracking that focuses on the usage of crossbows. Log in today to find out more!

Stats and statpacks

Aetolia has just released a massive change to the way their stats and statpacks work! Players can now enhance various attributes of their character, such as resistances and speed, allowing them a degree of customization previously unavailable. There are also now bonuses for leveling beyond level 100, all the way up to 230! Log in today to find out more!

Arget Massai

The Grecht of Mount Sheine recently celebrated the opening of their village in the Siroccians, naming it Arget Massai and christening the settlement with a fireworks display. Interested visitors can purchase gardening goods from the Grecht there and use them to make their own personal collection of plants


Halloween has arrived in Aetolia! Hunt down the wailing spirits released by the vengeful spectre of Belladona and collect the essences they drop! Head on over to the Haunted House and trade in your collected essences for prizes. Fun!

Siha Dylis

After a lengthy and laborious rebuilding effort, the goblin and kobold settlement of lower Azdun is now open and thriving. Head Foreman Cadric hosted a worldwide treasure hunt to award prizes as a thanks to the generosity of the people of Sapience. These gems can be traded in at 'The Unicorn Run', a shop within the settlement, for some unique gifts!

The Warrens of Shastaan

Delving deep below Mournhold today, a mixed party of Enorianites and others uncovered a seething cancer at the heart of the coast - a warren of Thrim cultists, led by the insane Migyar and his foetal new Kerrithrim. After a bloody battle, the cult's child was destroyed, but the warren still lurks under the coastline, breeding who knows what kind of new horror.

Spirean Uproar

The City of Spinesreach recently experienced a spate of mass hysteria and rioting, culminating in a failed assassination attempt against the Chairwoman. Investigations by the Chairwoman and other private citizens have uncovered a seditionist movement in the heart of the city-state, one which demanded swift action and detainment by the Republic guard. Several executions, a destroyed office, and many sinister rumors later, the citizens of Spinesreach are left with more questions than answers...

Storytelling and Iron Epicurean

The Celebration of the Stars is well under way in Aetolia, with loads of events and prizes! The impromptu storytelling contest and the Iron Epicurean were the most recent events, being held today. Cole regaled us with a story of the mighty Daskalos being toppled by a pair of underwear, whereas Areka dazzled judges in the Iron Epicurean with her spicy pastry dish.

Year 400 - The Celebration of the Stars

The full schedule for the Year 400 - Celebration of the Stars has been released in Aetolia! There are over 15 major events to participate in, with loads of credits to be won! A centennial celebration only comes around every three and a half years (or so), so be certain you don't miss out!

Read Announce post 2162 for the schedule, or read it on our website here:

The Delosian Duel of 398 MA

The Delosian Duel was once again held today, with many combatants showing up to prove their prowess. Illidan and Akimoto faced each other in the final matchup, with Akimoto eventually toppling Illidan and claiming the Rapier of the Master Duelist for his prize.

The Academy of Spinesreach

The Academy of Spinesreach opened its doors to citizens today, offering tutelage in the ways of the world to both inexperienced and veterans alike. HELP ACADEMY has more information on Aetolia's academy system, and we highly recommend that all players new to Aetolia take the time to graduate.

Stricken by Shadow

The Divine Order of Iosyne, the Malevolent has recently fallen ill to a strange shadow plague, seemingly after She tampered with the dangerous plane of Shadow. The illness plagues Her closest followers, and when their Goddess disappeared before their very eyes, they began a frantic search for answers.

The Academy of Duiran

The Academy of Duiran has recently opened its doors to those seeking education! Introducing a new way for newbies to gain experience and knowledge once they've left the tour, the Academy will set a new player up with all the basic armour, curatives and other equipment needed to begin life in Aetolia.

The Great Hunt

A Great Hunt has just begun in Aetolia! Hunters from all other the land compete against one another in a 48 hour long bash-a-thon.

With credit prizes just for participating, you better get hunting if you don't want to be left behind!