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Changelog News Post #2072


Written by: The Aetolian Team
Date: Thursday, September 22nd, 2022
Addressed to: Everyone

It is Thursday, the 22nd of September, and the following changes have been implemented:

- "Haircuff/s" and "cuff/s" have been added as new options for the "hairpin" design in Jewelcraft.

- Fixed Tusk not reaching into havens correctly.

- Fixed Remembrance not working properly.

- Fixed Pendulum / Bedevil curing away one of sore wrists/ankles if you had both afflictions.

- Fixed the 3p message for Turning not showing the casters name.

- Fixed DESC SWITCH/SET IMPERSONATED not working as if you didn't have the skill.

- Fixed a typo in Delirium if you cast it while you already had the defence.

- Typing QUEUE by itself no longer references old curing methods such as slices, herbs, tinctures, etc.

- Fixed a missing pronoun in the 2p/3p messages for Overpower hit two.

- Fixed a number of typos and errors with Aegis / Rampart.

- A number of Fury abilities that provide defences are no longer considered aggressive actions.

- Fixed a typo in the 1p of Deliver against a player.

- Fixed pronoun tokens in the 1p/3p messages for Symbiosis.

- Severance and Swallow have been updated so they work on recruits, along with their skill description.

- Latency / Tether is now cleared once a Sect duel completes.

This notice was posted on the 9th of Ios, in the year 505 MA.

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