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Meets News Posts: 832-793

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832Jun 15th, 2018VeteransIshmar Acerbus, Servant of D'baenEveryone
831May 27th, 2017New in GeorgiaThe Enigmatic Dr. Ipz, Medical ExaminerEveryone
830Nov 10th, 2015RP ClanGrand Duchess Iselle Bahir'anEveryone
829Sep 22nd, 2015Aithene and IDhienari Lacinier Aithene "Rose" SilverainEveryone
828Jun 12th, 2015Absence for a few days, for a meet.Grand Duke Malok Bahir'anEveryone
827Oct 1st, 2014Semi-AbsenceKnight-Aspirant NaestyriaEveryone
826Aug 14th, 2014sorryMoirean SeirathEveryone
825Jul 7th, 2014VacationCrusader Lucus MorrogEveryone
824Jun 7th, 2014Back soooon.Prideleader Trager Del'baethEveryone
823Apr 14th, 2014OOC clanMoirean SeirathEveryone
822Apr 2nd, 2014UnavailabilityIosyne, the MalevolentEveryone
821Apr 2nd, 2014Don't mess with TexasNa'ait Lin "Ambor" of Ve'kahiEveryone
820Jan 19th, 2014AbsenceBelgarion Amaratha, The ExecutionerEveryone
819Jan 14th, 2014To who it may concernBrunneng BlackthornEveryone
818Jun 3rd, 2013ReturnGrandmaster Daingean FiadhaichEveryone
817Jun 1st, 2013The amazing vanishing VanguardPentarch Alistaire RidireEveryone
816May 7th, 2013AbsencePentarch Alistaire RidireEveryone
815May 5th, 2013ChicaoShixblixEveryone
814Apr 18th, 2013ThanksGrandmaster Daingean FiadhaichEveryone
813Apr 1st, 2013Pending VacationGrandmaster Daingean FiadhaichEveryone
812Mar 21st, 2013chicagoSoulless Commander Yettave ArcanEveryone
811Oct 9th, 2012LeavingCeburi Solaria O'LyryusEveryone
810Sep 16th, 2012NixsaElder Macavity GravzEveryone
809Jul 31st, 2012jackson msSoulless Colonel YettaveEveryone
808Jul 25th, 2012Limited availabilityEsrytesh Sibatti dur NayaEveryone
807Jul 15th, 2012Vacation Meet?Lord Lexen Verite, the KinslayerEveryone
806Oct 1st, 2011AustraliansCaptain Xentor InnayaEveryone
805Jul 7th, 2011MeSapling MaevorEveryone
804Apr 6th, 2011Cedar Point Meet!Nyrus CardinalisEveryone
803Nov 16th, 2010The Coding ClanLin "Deadeye" al-AkirEveryone
802Jul 5th, 2010Siena, ItalyChevalier Aevon Oloren, the Tireless BladeEveryone
801May 26th, 2010mehMoirean Seirath, Huntress of the WildsEveryone
800May 25th, 2010NCSir Rakim Al'MaliikEveryone
799May 21st, 2010YosemiteKylira Koneko, Reborn PredatorEveryone
798May 20th, 2010Going to be goneFading Sunset, Ororoe BoulderanEveryone
797May 1st, 2010May DayCountess Maedra Bahir'an, the Black LilyEveryone
796Apr 11th, 2010Utahns unite?SophosEveryone
795Mar 27th, 2010Potential concert meet.Count Butoken Dar'srothEveryone
794Feb 5th, 2010Hey!Kaolla "Trouble" Te'mashaunKikon Corona
793Feb 4th, 2010cell phoneLucimal Vas'agar, Servant of TwilightEveryone

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