About an hour from now at the howling, we have a total of 15 auctions going live: 8 for credits, 7 for gold. There are no iron coin auctions this time unfortunately but I’m sure they will put in an appearance in the future. My plan going forward is to hold two rounds of auctions per year and to reach more of a middle ground on the types of items available, with a mix of old favourites and some new combat utility or unique flavour items added into the mix.

Some notes:

– The auctions will run for 10 real days.
– Any artifacts bought through auctions (including gold items) cannot be traded in or have their powers transferred.
– Credit auctions do not require you to have the credits on hand to bid.
– Gold auctions do require you to have the gold on hand to bid.
– When auctions end, we allow a week to gather the winning bid amount. Failure to meet the bid amount after this time will result in loss of character until the cost is settled.
– Bound credits CAN be used to pay for auctions.
– HELP AUCTIONS and HELP AUCTIONHOUSE both have additional details.

– Bids are final, and we will not reverse mistakes. If something is not clear about an item, you are welcome to ask me for more details prior to bidding. Please be absolutely sure before placing a bid.

Without further ado, here are the listings that will go live when the time comes. You will also now be able to see information on the lots using AUCTION INFO <auction> once they’re up.


Inking tools
– Allows you to ink tattoos twice as fast.
– Tattoos that have ‘charges’ will have double uses (not including starburst).
– Removes the need for inks.

A refreshment Goblin contract
– Similar to its libation counterpart, this contract will provide you with a Goblin servant to bring you food at regular intervals.
– The Goblin has a number of flavour reactions, and will also sell a variety of food that anyone can purchase, in addition to the free meal he brings you.
– The Goblin may also be summoned for a cost of 1000 gold at any time using ENFORCE CONTRACT.

Boots of divine celerity
– On top of having the normal +1 move speed that regular boots of celerity have, this artifact also allows you to use the GRACE command even without a blessing upon you. Only works for the owner.

Custom wings token
– A custom set of wings (or alternative worn item) with a custom command word, and a custom portal room.
– Portal room must be appropriate to Aetolia’s lore and setting.
– Room exits are subject to approval and generally must be in normal locations, and cannot be in cities.
– Same restrictions on use as the wings or caves artifacts.

A bag of medicine
– Allows the owner to pull up to three random medicines (grimstin, phoenix heart, bull’s eye) from it once per howling.

A masterwork tool
– The masterwork tool provides the effects of all of the trade skill boon artifact powers in one item.

Power orb: tumble_follow
– While in your inventory, this will allow denizens of any type (mounts, woodland creatures, pets, entities, and so on) to follow you after using TUMBLE.

An oddly-sloping shield of absorption
– When wielded, gives you a 15% chance to completely negate the damage from a blunt/cutting attack.
– Provides 11/11 armour stats.
– The owner of this shield can select what shield type it is at the point of purchase (buckler, tower, etc).
– This is once only and won’t affect its armour stats.


Room credits bundle
– The winner of this auction will receive 300 room credits.

Artifact pet token
– Entitles the owner to a customised pet package as outlined in HELP PETS – with a twist!
– The twist is: we’ll do the writing for you! Work with the design team to have your pet concept written by us, including its reactions.
– This includes add-ons 1-4, and 10 reactions.

Iron coins bundle
– The winner of this auction will receive 250 iron coins.

Compendium page bundle
– The winner of this token can exchange it for 5 compendium pages for the area of their choice.
– Area must already be part of available compendium options.

Antiquated salvage bundle
– The winner of this auction will receive 5 pieces of antiquated artifact salvage (see HELP ANTIQUATED ARTIFACTS).

Boots of the spider
– A pair of boots of the spider, allowing you to dodge web tattoos!

Bow of the Hunt package
– The winner of this auction will receive a level 1 artifact bow of the Hunt, with the aiming power included, an artifact quiver, and a serration rune.