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The Waterfyre Festival

Written by: Firestarter Roux Aquila
Date: Thursday, September 22nd, 2022
Addressed to: Everyone

The Waterfyre Festival

The time has come again for the biennial Waterfyre Festival to be held,
hosted by the Illuminai of Enorian as a celebration of life and light,
and a moment for everyone to take a well-deserved respite to enjoy the
offerings of the guild. Come and share in the music and dancing and the
spirit of the festivities.

Date: 20th of Lanosian, 505 MA, (10/18)
Time: The Howling (8pm EST)
Location: Courtyard of the Tower of Champions.
Coordinates: v15333
Theme: Rewh'va, the Spirit Plane

The theme this festival is going to be a celebration and exploration
of the creatures and prominent figures that inhabit the Spirit plane,
Rewh'va. From the Angels to the Triad, we're welcoming interesting
costumes and for the first time, the fanciest of outfits. Come draped
in glitter and sparkle or trailing some truly magnificent wings and
the most glamorous will be chosen as the winner. Enough contestants
and more than one might be chosen, so get your costuming on!

There will be door-prizes for the first 10 guests to arrive. Light food
and drinks will be served throughout the festival. The celebration
festivities include: Bring That Heat! (Dancing Contest), Attire for the
Pyre (Costume Contest), and the Closing Firework Ceremony. Each of the
contests will be judged by a panel and the lucky winners will be awarded
prizes. Costumes are not a requirement of attendance, but are highly

After the Closing Ceremony we encourage those invited to mingle and learn
more about your neighbors.

All allies of Spirit are welcome to attend. Proxies of Shadow that wish to
attend will be allowed, however violence will not be. Anyone arriving with
the intent to disrupt the festivities will be removed.

In Loyalty,
Firestarter Roux Aquila

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 13th of Ios, in the year 505 MA.

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