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Changelog News Post #2126


Written by: The Aetolian Team
Date: Monday, January 23rd, 2023
Addressed to: Everyone

It is Monday, the 23rd of January, and the following changes have been implemented:

- Mallee wood is now cacheable.

- You may now use "hairbeads" or "beads" as another reference for the "hairpin" design in Jewelcraft.

- Fixed a bug that was causing the second attack of [Warding - Maul] to draw from the Carnifex styles instead of Warden's.

- Fixed the probe line on artifacts with the 'paired' power to correctly show the paired item instead of your own.

- Added the :3 and :3? emoticons for 'says sheepishly' and 'asks sheepishly' respectively.

- Added the :g and :g? emoticons for 'gently says' and 'gently asks' respectively.

- COMPENDIUM CONTENTS now shows the ID name of the area you need to reference in its commands. You can also just use the chapter number now too.

- Maximum lessons per learn (without the city research perk) has been raised from 15 to 30.

- The daily ylem mine scenario will no longer show up if you don't belong to a city.

- BOUNTIES now show how long is left on the bounty.

This notice was posted on the 24th of Lleian, in the year 507 MA.

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