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Changelog News Post #1977


Written by: The Aetolian Team
Date: Friday, January 14th, 2022
Addressed to: Everyone

It is Friday, the 14th of January, and the following changes have been implemented:

- There's now a message appended to a room's description if that room has recently been dug in.

- Fixed Firstaid ignoring hypothermia if you had torso damage.

- Fumology papers may now be referred to as ROLLINGPAPER, and Hyalincuru sheets may also be referred to as FOLDINGPAPER.

- Repair kits no longer work on forged items that have been augmented.

- Fixed a bug where expired bounties would still decay and expire a second time.

- Fixed Lemniscate's grace period lasting longer then six seconds.

- You can now order denizens to DROP and GIVE gold, should they be holding some.

- Twin foci will now grant residual energy while at the Eye of the Conjunction via the Irradiance skill.

- Fixed the SLAM DOOR <direction> command. Should work again now.

- Anonymous kills will no longer count as solo kills for Sect of Blade rewards.

This notice was posted on the 4th of Ios, in the year 500 MA.

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