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Poetry News Post #1815

In Your wisdom

Written by: Abbess Aloli Gallant
Date: Sunday, April 29th, 2018
Addressed to: Damariel mot Lanosaryon, the Unbound

Now I see the mercy of Your wisdom.
Years I spent carefully guarding my heart in my sanctum,
Reasoning, "I can carry on in my blithesome,"
Watching the other's nature and thinking, "How gruesome."
But I too was one of them;
Worshiping my illusory freedom.

The freest will wear their freedom as shackles,
And my heart bleeds for their troubles,
Not seeing all their self-made prisons like kennels,
Adorned with all sorts of medals.

"You can only be free when you no longer speak of freedom as your goal."
But from You, I learned these words are not from a simple scroll,
And it was not about my prowess or my control,
"How can I be free?" I asked You to console,

"How Can you be free?" You said, "You must break your self-made chains,"
I naively thought, "But the links glitter as my reins,"
And in truth, that which I called freedom was the strongest of chains,

But to be free, what would I sacrifice that is not a part of me?
Freedom from a tyrant? Their throne was built within me.
Freedom from a care? That care was chosen by me.
Freedom from a fear? Its root was in my heart, not the hands of my enemy.

These emotions are wild within me,
As Light and Shadow in a constant half-embrace bickery,

I will be free,
Not when my days are care-free,
Nor when my nights are free of agony,

But when these things bind up my life, making it a battleground,
And I rise above them, unbound.
For You, my God, are justly The Unbound.
And in this cause, by Your side, I will always be found.

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 21st of Variach, in the year 473 MA.

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