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Changelog News Post #1817


Written by: Razmael, the Synthesist
Date: Saturday, October 24th, 2020
Addressed to: Everyone

Idea day! I specifically focused on ideas that had five or more support votes - so make sure you go out and vote on ideas! There's not that many this time around, because the relic system update took up a lot of time.

- You can now MILESTONES BUY <amount> CREDITS, instead of exchanging your platinum keystones one at a time. You can also just supply ALL for amount to exchange all your platinum keystones for credits at once.

- Relic overhaul!
* You can now RELIC LIST to list all relics in the game.
- RELIC LIST OWNED will list only relics you own.
- RELIC LIST UNOWNED lists relics you don't yet own.
- RELIC LIST FULL lists the relics and includes info on what they do.
- RELIC LIST <word> to filter down the list further by keyword.
- You can mix and match the above filters! e.g. RELIC LIST OWNED FULL

* You can now RELIC INFO <id> to lookup information on a relic.

* RELIC SKILLS is now alphabetical, and you can now do RELIC SKILLS FULL to
list the information of each relic skill.

* Probeing a relic will let you know you can lookup its RELIC INFO id for
more information.

* The ungodly long HELP RELIC ITEMS file will be deleted to make room for
this, because we don't want to have to maintain two lists.

- Crafters can now DESIGN <#> REMOVE <thing> to remove a specific ingredient from their design, instead of needing to clear all at once.

- You can now CONFIG COLOUR THOUGHTS. This works for both your own thoughts, as well as other people's thoughts via insight, etc.

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 22nd of Ios, in the year 491 MA.

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