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The Waterfyre Festival - Postponed

Written by: Roux Aquila
Date: Saturday, October 10th, 2020
Addressed to: Everyone

Due to some unforseen circumstances, the Waterfyre Festival is being postponed to the date and time listed below. Apologies for the short notice, but now everyone will have another month in which to get their costumes ready! Don't forget about all of the events we have going on, which will be re-listed below.

Date: 14th of Severin, 491 MA ((October 17th at the howling))
Time: During the Howling
Location: Courtyard of the Tower of Champions
Coordinates: v15333

There will be door-prizes for the first 10 guests to arrive. Light food and drinks will be served throughout the festival. The celebration festivities include: Bring That Heat! (Dancing Contest), Attire for the Pyre (Costume Contest), and the Closing Firework Ceremony. Each of the contests will be judged by a panel and the lucky winners will be awarded prizes. This cycle's theme will be centered on our allies in Duiran and Lord Haern. Costumes representing the cycle and the Hunter will be welcomed and encouraged. Costumes are not a requirement of attendance.

After the Closing Ceremony we encourage those invited to mingle and learn more about your neighbors.

All allies of Spirit are welcome to attend. Proxies of Shadow that wish to attend will be tolerated, however violence will not be. Anyone arriving with the intent to disrupt the festivities will be removed.

In Loyalty,
Roux Aquila

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 17th of Haernos, in the year 490 MA.

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