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Poetry News Post #1850

Varian's children

Written by: Lorekeeper Oonagh H. M. Morrog-Mulariad
Date: Friday, April 17th, 2020
Addressed to: Everyone

All hail the god of Sapience
Father Varian our Lord
Who rests beyond no longer
Who is silent no more

He who now dwells within us
The avatar of mortalkind
The stars they have proclaimed
Glory to His creation and His kind

And in the Planes He watches
And Azvosh to Kel Keleru deep
The All Father ever reigns
Even whilst madness pursues His keep.

With the creeping horrors that fill our dreams
From the abyss crossed on black wings
And outer darkness so complete
Our sanity can only flee

The blackened stones of the usurpers path
Rise to consume spirit and shadow alike
And from beyond starlight's grasp
Come the False Gods to make a strike.

So to put mankind back in its place
Those who are anathema to the charge
In praise we lift our voices high
For Sapience at large.

The usurpers shall teach us lessons,
How to murder, how to scream
And revel in Their lust for blood
in all the things we bear esteem.

They seek to undo the righteous work of man
And damage His creation with their plans.
From the endless light-less void
They return and we prepare to stand

Open the gates, undo the locks
Welcome the Warlord in
For He is the avatar and host
To defeat the usurper Gods again.

Worshipped by woman and man
At black altars and rites they stand
And dance among the blackened stones
To hasten the end of all the world

From unhallowed depths of time they rise
Waiting until the stars are right
To set upon the planes, our home.
And try to claim an already claimed throne

And so to Sapience we pray
From the chaos in birth to the final day
And we your faithful only seek
To be part of the creation you unleash

The will of the Divine now be done
Go forth and spread the news,
Pray the time of mankind be brought
For Sapience...we choose.

[[A note is added to the bottom of the poem, a scrawling of information]]
Seek the Argent Legion - Find purpose in the truth of Action.
For Sapience!

Fayaleti Oonagh H.M. Morrog-Mulariad

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 12th of Khepary, in the year 487 MA.

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