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Events News Post #244

The Leviathan (an interlude)

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Friday, October 19th, 2018
Addressed to: Everyone

The Grand Aetolian Library cannot, regretfully, give a full and accurate accounting of what transpired concerning Omei, the Nightmare and Her theft of the starmetal leg of Damariel mot Lanosaryon, in the month of Midsummer, amidst the business with the Leviathan.

This monk's sole account of the events emerges from the hand of a Troll worker, whose command of Aetolian was suspect, whose grasp of writing - in both a literal and metaphorical sense - was yet worse, and whose distance from the events was such that even a Syssin of reasonable skill might have been challenged by the same circumstances.

Owing to these reasons, the parchment from which I am to compile a summary is marred by ink, misspellings, the worst grammar outside of the Nazedha isles, and worst of all, an offensively colloquial tone. Therefore it is with full apologies that we present, for the historical record, the words of Wngroct Hamgrist. We have corrected all that we can, and censored an explicative that is fully present in the source text:

Once upon a time during the business with the Leviathan, OMEI shows up in the western Tundra.
SHE is about to sneak down into the seal, except, when trying to soothe the nightmare prison SHE built,
and SHE says Shhh but it is too loud, too late-
and just like that:
ADVENTURERS show up, the great adventurers, the sort you want your children to grow up to be.
Hey, Fezzix says. OMEI. Isn't that DAMARIEL's leg?
No, says Omei. Why Would You Think That, says Omei.
Because it's DAMARIEL'S leg, says Fezzix.
Shut Up, says Omei. I Would Kill You, says Omei, (If it wouldn't draw MY SIBLINGS' attention.)
Just then, DAMARIEL awakes. Where Is My Leg, he shouts.

[An explative spoken by the Goddess Omei has been cleverly disguised by calligraphy, such that it resembles the shape of a unicorn in mid-leap.]
OMEI, asks one of the people. Why Do YOU Have The Leg?
No Reason, says Omei. For The Seal?
Oh dear, says Fezzix.
Oh dear, says Toz.
YOU'RE the Traitor, they say together.
Yes, says Omei: That seal will soon be broken. And you know what? I feel sorry for the Leviathan! I feel so, so sorry for the thing we imprisoned! I don't even remember what I did! I can't even control this nightmare thing I made! I DON'T REMEMBER MAKING IT! WHY SHOULDN'T I FEEL A LITTLE SORRY FOR I-
And Damariel appears.
SISTER, says Damariel, who limps upon a leg that is worse than His usual leg: I Want MY Leg.
Okay, says Omei, and gives it to Damariel before She keeps crying more, She says: I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry.
Damariel says, It Is Fine. (He is very angry, but says it anyway.)
Omei says, I Only Wanted To Fix The Gate.
Damariel knows this. He is angry but He forgives Her because He is Damariel the Unbound and greatest among forgivers. (I am a follower of Damariel mot Lanosaryon, so I like Him very much.)
I'm Scared, says Omei. Will The Leviathan Crush Us?
Damariel thinks so, but tells Her they are going to fight.
Omei says, Then I Will Prepare For War.
And off She goes, turning into raccoons.
Damariel stayed, but there were only mortals, and we were uninteresting.
So He left.
I do not blame him.


Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 13th of Midsummer, in the year 476 MA.
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