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Changelog News Post #1545

Animation Bugs

Written by: Keroc, the Starborn
Date: Wednesday, January 9th, 2019
Addressed to: Everyone

- Fixed ORDER GOLEM KILL <target> to now work.
- You can no longer order your golem to kill mobiles.
* Unfortunately this causes too many issues with mobprogs and tends to break them a lot.
- Removed the Focus ability as it is no longer necessary due to the above fix.
- Both Shake and Corner now target the last person you ordered your golem to kill.
* This replaces the Focus requirement that was a part of these abilities.
- Disfigurement effects now disable golem reflexes.
- Fixed Cycling to work as stated in the AB file, skipping the last used imprint.
* Strike will always fire if none of the imprints meet their requirements for use.
- Fixed Corner to work again, it will properly stop your opponent from dodging.
* They will still be able to divert if they are blocked from dodging.
- Corner, Rattle, and Airguard no longer require you to have the target enemied.
- Priority now gives a message when it fails to perform an imprint.
- Glance now lets you admire yourself if you are in the room with your golem.
- I've updated some of the AB files within Animation as well, let me know if you see any problems.

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 1st of Ios, in the year 478 MA.

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