The World of Aetolia


Unique Character Races

New characters in Aetolia can select from one of the seventeen mortal races, from humans to dwarves, imps to trolls, and even orcs and ogres.
Characters may be further modified by selecting a statpack. You character may focus on strength, speed, health, or several other various options, based on your class's needs.

Player Classes

While no organization in Aetolia is truly neutral, some of its player classes are. In addition to Shadow-leaning and Spirit-leaning classes, all players may embrace the skills of neutral classes like the all-new Wayfarer and mystical half-human, half-animal Shapeshifter. A flexible multiclass system ensures that players can forge their own style of play.


Live Our History, then Make It

While its roots may be in Achaea, the meddling of the Gods and the desires of primeval forces have made Aetolia a world of its own. While inhabitants of the continent of Sapience continue to polarize and fight among themselves, something much more sinister continues to brew in the recently-discovered lands of Albedos.


Each day, the story continues to unfold, but no player may no when things may truly turn upside down.

Player vs Player

While Aetolia offers a wide array of activities and endeavors for its players, none is more immersive or enthralling than combat. With 16 player classes, a complex healing system (with built-in autocuring for those who need it), new combat systems and opportunities to compete with other cities, there is never a shortage of conflict.


Quarterly combat balance reviews take player feedback into account when making class changes and an easy-to-navigate set of PvP rules helps curtail abusive behavior.