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Events News Post #212

Dhaz Mitrine, an emerging people

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016
Addressed to: Everyone

The winds of change sweep over Sapience, bringing scents of fell gods and war.

This troubled Ahes, who as Unali'i of the Mitrine people, as their seclusion over generations left them vulnerable and forgotten should calamity come. Determined to better prepare himself, Ahes struck out into the larger world, the first to leave the village's territory in years.

The Voice found his way to Enorian, where Camile and Rasani aided him in his quest for writings in a dead tongue he had foolishly dismissed in his youth. Seeing the merits of exposure to the larger world, he conferred with Ambassador Yeras, Voice to Voice, stating that Dhaz Mitrine, the heart of the People, would be open to outsiders for the first time in centuries.

The caveat, of course, was that his people's customs made such engagements difficult, and those seeking to entreat with them must prove themselves before the great Mitrine Stone, around which the village is built.

Unali'i Ahes now awaits in the village, ready to guide those who seek to entreat with the People through the cleansing trial of Unalai.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 2nd of Niuran, in the year 456 MA.

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