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Events News Post #211

The Mhun 'Spirits'

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Thursday, January 28th, 2016
Addressed to: Everyone

In the midst of Lleian, the Teshen Undercroft - an ancient, primordial
underground city carved out far beneath the Vashnars - was opened for
the first time in thousands of years. Swarming with Teshen, filled with
strange inscriptions, and boasting altars and statues of a nature held
to be heretical in the modern Mhun faith, it was only after the inner
temple was broached by parties as yet unknown that it came to light that
the figures within - the Mhun spirits - bore uncanny resemblance to what
was known of some of the Albedi gods.

Later that month, following a meeting between Layentesh, High Priestess
of Moghedu, and a Herald of Enorian, it was determined by the former
that this uncanny resemblance was more than mere coincidence, and that
it was the official position of the city of Moghedu that the Mhun
'spirits' were in fact the gods of Albedos, and that this was to be
affirmed as fact henceforth. These statements were made known in a
public news post, #5951.

What will come to pass as a result of these revelations remains to be

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 17th of Lleian, in the year 456 MA.

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