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Events News Post #167

The turning of el'Jazira, and an Empress is sired

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Friday, June 6th, 2014
Addressed to: Everyone

In the wake of the Goddess of Fire's awakening and subsequent threat to
eradicate the undead, Primus Abhorash Nehekara gleaned opportunity.
Conferring with the Warlord of el'Jazira - none other than Princess
Sarita Bahir'an - the Primus laid down the decree that the newest
village of Bloodloch would fall in line with the culture of their
Empire, or suffer the consequences.

Calling forth the enforcers of House Nebre'seir, the Primus Abhorash and
Sarita journeyed to el'Jazira, wherein the Khalifa laid down her
ultimatum to the Sheik himself. As the fat and wealthy ruler looked to
his janissary for assistance, unaware that they had been turned many
years prior, he quickly found himself without a single ally, his final
cries of desperation reaching the senses of a few citizens of the Beacon
who took heed.

Led by Haven and Valingar, the forces of the Light attempted to defend
the right of the desert village to remain living, but they were
outnumbered by the sheer masses of the undead, being in the proverbial
backyard of the city of Bloodloch.

The city rioted, set aflame by protesters, many of which whom fled or
were destroyed and feasted upon by the Primus and his descendents. The
few who converted did so either out of submission or the inspiration of
opportunity - in the wake of the Sheik's death, there was a space for a
new leader to emerge, to shape the village's uncertain future. Habbib,
the Kawhe Merchant, was one such individual who was quick to capitalize
upon this gap.

As the village smouldered, the Primus drew Sarita into his lair,
offering her the gift of his blood as recognition of her worth and
dedication to the sovereignty. Becoming the second of the newest
generation of Emperors/Empresses, and Abhorash's seventh, Sarita
Bahir'an became the newest of the Consanguine bloodlines to surge in

Hail Sarita Bahi'ran, Warlord of el'Jazira!

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Lanosian, in the year 421 MA.

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