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Announce News Post #2587

October promotion

Written by: Razmael, the Synthesist
Date: Sunday, October 2nd, 2016
Addressed to: Everyone

Our promotion for October is a tiered sale! In addition, the Wheel promo has been extended, and you can still continue to purchase skull tokens from the credit shop!

This sale awards you prizes at different tiers of credit purchases throughout the month. The rewards and tiers are as follows:

100cr 2x each chocolate flavour, a black kitten minipet (caged)
200cr 20 iron coins, 1 flair
300cr a customization certificate
400cr 5x globes of elemental energy, 1 flair
500cr Artifact #1
600cr 30 iron coins, 1 flair
700cr 5x random compendium pages
800cr a customization certificate, 1 flair
900cr spooky, venomous and aerial style scrolls
1000cr Artifact #2
1100cr 5 random compendium pages, 1 flair
1200cr 30 iron coins, 1 flair
1300cr 10x giftbags
1400cr a routine manual
1500cr Artifact #3
1600cr 4x compendium pages for Xaanhal, 1 flair
1700cr a customization certificate, 1 flair
1800cr 40 iron coins, 1 flair
1900cr 15x giftbags
2000cr Artifact #4

These rewards are not on a per-purchase basis; the reward is determined by the total number of base credits purchased throughout the month. Credits obtained through the No-Brainer credit package or other bonuses/promotions such as the Iron Elite membership will NOT count towards your total for the month!

IE: Buying 100 Credits one day would get you the 100cr tier prize, and buying 200cr the next day would get you the 200cr and 300cr tier prizes. If you purchase a cumulative total of 2000cr over the month, your total will reset, meaning your next tier will be the 100cr tier again. You can use the SHOWREWARDS (or CREDITSALE) command to see where your total is at so far and which prizes you have received.

Please note that the No-Brainer credit package does not contribute towards this promo, nor any other promo we run.

Here's some more information on a few of the prizes:

The flairs this time come from a set of ten new ones: Crazed, Warm, Agile, Hyper, Cheerful, Brooding, Loathing, Thunder, Lightning, Decay, and Flowery. What flair you get at each of the tiers is random, but you'll only receive a flair that you didn't receive at a previous tier. The flairs come in pieces, so you can trade them away if desired. Refer to HELP FLAIRS.

Routine manual:
Allows you to create your own custom predefined emote. You can also choose who is allowed to use it (e.g. yourself only, allies, a certain race, a certain org). Subject to approval from the administration.

Artifact information:
This promotion introduces four new artifacts, as well as bringing back four old ones from the last time we did this promotion. Please note that you'll get one of the two artifacts listed for their tier. If you wish to exchange the artifact for the other one at its rank, you can send me a message to arrange that.

== Artifact #1 ==
a luminous orb, OR a vindictive charm

The luminous orb can be thrown high into the sky, illuminating all outdoor rooms in the area. This prevents all lesser forms of stealth from having any effect (i.e. hiding, shroud, sneaking). The effect remains in the area for 5 minutes, and can only be used once every 10 minutes.

With the vindictive charm, whenever you die to a NPC, you'll kill them as you fall. The NPC must be susceptible to critical hits for this to work.

== Artifact 2 ==
a ward of the Ankryi, OR a prayer mat

The ward of the Ankryi, when used, will store MOST of the defences you currently have. You can then recall your stored defences as many times as you like, but only once every 15 minutes. It won't work for things such as defences with cooldowns, defences from promotional items, and so on.

With the prayer mat, using the BESEECH ability will give you a 3 day blessing, instead of a 1 day blessing. Only works for the owner.

== Artifact 3 ==
a globe of charged elemental energy, OR a golden translocator

The globe of charged elemental energy functions similar to the consumable versions of the globes. They have one charge, but will not be destroyed on use. When the globe's charge is used up, killing 5000 mobs (not including the summoned elementals) will refill the globe, allowing it to be drained again.

The golden translocator is a permanent artifact version of the translocator relic, allowing transport to a room with exits leading to the islands of Sapience.

== Artifact 4 ==
a custom pet, with spiked collar, OR boots of divine celerity

The pet entitles you to a 900cr pet package, as per HELP PET. You can then choose to equip the pet (or an existing pet if you have one) with the spiked collar, giving it the ability to attack! These attacks will only do a small amount of damage (think 100 every 5 or 6 seconds), but you can customize up to 5 different messages for the attacks, subject to approval.

The boots of divine celerity, on top of having the normal +1 move speed that regular boots of celerity have, also allows you to use the GRACE command even without a blessing upon you. Only works for the owner.

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 7th of Lleian, in the year 461 MA.

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