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Announce News Post #2454

14th Anniversary!

Written by: Razmael, the Synthesist
Date: Friday, October 2nd, 2015
Addressed to: Everyone

October is Aetolia's 14th Anniversary and we've packed in some events and prizes to celebrate!

I've tried my best to convert the times from GMT to a few other timezones (USA East/EDT, London/BST, and Australia East/AEDT) but fair warning I may have goofed! For the most accurate timing, refer to the GMT time or check the EVENTS countdown.

Rather than run the Artisanals and Bardics on a schedule, we've decided to switch to doing them for special occassions with a theme - and our 14th Anniversary will be the first of these! You have until the the month ends to submit your entries through our website. Read HELP ARTISANALS and HLEP BARDICS for more information.

The theme is: Horror.

PvP Starfall
Pretty straight-forward, a Starfall event with PvP and No Sharing turned on. Being killed gives half your meteors to the person who killed you. Read HELP STARFALL for more details.

GMT: October 10th, 00:01
AEDT: October 10th, 11:01
EDT: October 9th, 20:01
BST: October 10th, 13:01

1st: 200cr
2nd: 100cr
3rd: 50cr
Participation: 1 giftbag after collecting 10 meteors.

The Iron Epicurean
The culinary showdown returns! Cook the best meal you can make with the ingredients given and try to impress the judges - including a special guest judge! Read HELP EPICUREAN for more information on how the event works.

GMT: October 10th, 22:00
AEDT: October 11th, 09:00
EDT: October 10th, 18:00
BST: October 11th, 23:00

1st: 200cr and the Hat of the Iron Epicurean.
2nd: 100cr
3rd: 50cr
Participation: 1 giftbag for submitting a finished dish.

City v City FFA (3v3v3v3)
Each city will put forth 3 champions to represent them in this Free-For-All showdown! Teaming is allowed! Winning city will get the Epicurus statue until we next run an event for it, and the winning champions will nab 100 credits for themselves. Losers take nothing, sorry!

GMT: October 16th, 22:30
AEDT: October 17th, 09:30
EDT: October 16th, 18:30
BST: October 16th, 23:30

The 'Royale' Fishing Derby
A fishing competition like no other! There will be multiple rounds during this event with different criteria such as catching the most fish, or being the first to catch a certain fish type. Don't have fishing? No worries! During the event, everybody will have temporary access to Transcendent fishing to level the playing field. More details (including prizes) to be posted later.

GMT: October 17th, 21:00
AEDT: October 18th, 08:00
EDT: October 17th, 17:00
BST: October 17th, 22:00

The Great Hunt
Get ready for some non-stop bashing! The Great Hunt will take up an entire weekend this month, lasting 48 hours. It'll be broken down into two tiers: levels 99+, and levels 1-98. Each tier has its own rankings and prizes. Read HELP GREAT HUNT for more information.

GMT: October 24th, 00:01
AEDT: October 24th, 11:00
EDT: October 23rd, 20:00
BST: October 24th, 01:00

1st: 400cr
2nd: 350cr
3rd: 300cr
4th: 250cr
5th: 200cr
6th: 150cr
7th: 100cr
8th: 100cr
9th: 50cr
10th: 50cr

Note: The level 1-98 tier will receive credits as bound, and the level 99+ credits will be unbound.

A Quiz on Aetolia's history, lore and general knowledge! Refer to HELP QUIZ.

GMT: October 30th, 22:00
AEDT: October 31st, 09:00
EDT: October 30th, 18:00
BST: October 30th, 22:00

1st: 200cr
2nd: 100cr
3rd: 50cr
Participation: Score at least 1 point to get a giftbag.

Spooky Survivor
A Halloween-themed survivor event! Read HELP SURVIVOR for more information.

GMT: October 31st, 18:00
AEDT: November 1st, 05:00
EDT: October 31st, 14:00
BST: October 31st, 18:00

1st: 200cr
2nd: 100cr
3rd: 50cr
Participation: 1 giftbag when you die.

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 9th of Arios, in the year 454 MA.

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