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Announce News Post #2450


Written by: Oleis, the Infused
Date: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015
Addressed to: Everyone

Everyone in Aetolia now has access to a convenient new feature: the

Much like the cache holds your herbs, commodities, and other goodies,
the fluidcache holds all the fluids one needs for healing and combat,
including venoms and resins. By default, you may store up to 1500 of
each, but an 'expand_fluidcache' artifact is available to greatly
increase that capacity.

Filling your cache is easy. Just replace a vial in your shop purchase or
concoctions/reanimation refill with 'fluidcache' (e.g. REFILL FLUIDCACHE
FROM HEALTH). Shop transactions fill 100 sips at a time by default.

You may manipulate your fluidcache with the FLUIDCACHE command
(abbreviated to FC, if you like). The command alone shows you what you
have in your fluidcache. Use FLUIDCACHE FILL <fluid> to draw on your
reserves to fill an empty vial (or bandage). Regardless of how it was
filled, using the last drop of a vial will automatically refill it from
your fluidcache. This means a steady supply of your fluids without the
need to carry hundreds of vials! In this starting period, you'll
probably want to condense your existing vials into your fluidcache. To
do that, FLUIDCACHE CONSUME <container>.

Because of the greatly increased value, we've made some adjustments to
new and existing vials:
* Crafting new vials will require 1 extra wood.
* New vials will decay 4 times faster.
* Existing vials have had their decay times shortened to match (except
those with less than 10 weeks remaining)
* Artifact vials now sell for 50cr.

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 24th of Variach, in the year 454 MA.

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