Auction #1 Wares

Date: 5/5/2013 at 0:32
From: Razmael, the Synthesist
To : Everyone
Subj: Auction #1 Wares

The first of the three artifact auctions has begun! Read over HELP
AUCTIONS if you are unfamiliar with the auction process Aetolia uses.

As usual, any artifacts bought through auction (including the gold
items) cannot be traded it, nor can their power be transferred to any
other item. If you purchase an item for credits, you will have roughly a
week to procure the credits for it, or your character will be shrubbed
until such a time you can provide the credits.

The items in the first auction are as follows:


A bag of medicine
Allows the owner to pull up to three random medicines (grimstin, phoenix
heart, bull's eye) from it once per howling.

A portable leyspike
Once per howling, spawns a lesser focus in the area where it is used.
Can only be used in locations that a focus can normally spawn in.

Wand of the Charmer
Makes almost any denizen loyal to you for a minute, meaning they will
defend you if you are attacked, but not allowing you to order them
around. Once the spell is broken, the denizen will become aggressively
focused upon you. The spell Will also be broken if you attack the
denizen or use the wand on a different NPC. Cannot be used on NPCs loyal
to a player.

A ring of conversion
When pointed at an icewall, it will instantly turn that icewall into a
firewall. When pointed at a firewall, it will instantly turn that
firewall into an icewall.

Helm of Command
Lets you COMMAND (force) people in your room to do stuff. Works exactly
like perform force.


Parasol of Privacy
After a twenty second channel, the Parasol will provide the 'Obscuring
fog', 'Hidden room' and 'Privacy' features for the room in which it is
DEPLOYed. This effect will last in the room for two hours, during which
the Parasol can not be removed or called back to you.

Izu-Ari's Dice
Once per Aetolian month, the owner may roll Izu-Ari's dice and receive a
bonus of +1 to one or two of his or her stats, and/or a health or mana
bonus of 5%.

An ironwall ring
This ring works similar to a ring enchanted with icewall. However, the
wall of iron it creates is indestructible. The wall crumbles away after
ten minutes, and the ring can only create one wall every 30 minutes.

A Bottomless Vial
This vial may be filled with any elixir or serum, and will never run

A gypsy wagon construction kit
This unique item will allow the owner access to a portable four-room
home. The home cannot be expanded beyond its initial capacity, but may
be designed to the user's specifications, and any standard house
additions may be made to it other than new rooms.


A hood of elusion
Credit worth: 2000
Hides you from nearly all mortal abilities that reveal your location.
Only the owner of a Hood of Elusion will be able to locate you with
one-time abilities, such as sense. Continuous tracking abilities will
still find you.

Wand of Reflection
Credit worth: 800
When POINTed at yourself or another, it will create a reflection of
them. Has three uses, which will each recharge 60 seconds after their

Iosai Lyre
Credit worth: 500
Create a prismatic barrier about yourself that will defend against many,
BUT NOT ALL, attacks.

Boots of the Spider
Credit worth: 800
Prevents being hit by the web tattoo.

A Celestine Ring of Vigour
Credit worth: 2000
Will increase the amount of health that is restored when you use a
health elixir or analeptic serum by 30%.

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Variach, in the year 390 MA.