Templar tweaks - pt 1

Date: 12/25/2012 at 6:05
From: Keroc
To : Everyone
Subj: Templar tweaks - pt 1

- Reworked a few Masteries:
* Longsword: Now gives less penalty for striking shield.
* (New) Shortsword: Your attacks drain less endurance.
* Broadsword: Increased armour reduction while prone to 25%.
* Scimitar: Lowered bleeding amount to 35, down from 40.
* Battleaxe: Slight chance for a minor critical strike.
* Rapier: You can avoid rebounded attacks.
* Mace: Lowered bruising modifier by half.
* Morningstar: Generates a small amount of blade charge on parry.
* Flail: Will cause your target fatigue with each hit.
* Bastard: Zeal and Tempest will have an increased spin rate.
* Warhammer: Can build to a higher maximum amount of charges.
* (New) Javelin: You can throw one room further than normal.
- MainGauche now works on all weapons, not just shortswords.

- Retribution is now a stand-alone ability.
- Retribution no longer needs Conviction in order to succeed.
- Blade releases now require balance and equilibrium, but won't consume
- Cripple effects can now be cured with random curing methods.
- Disrupt effects can now be cured with random curing methods.
- Blade charges are now generated based on the penetration stat.
- Removed Conviction.

- Throatcrush now prevents undead Fitness.

- Changed Brand effects:
* Spirit/Shadow now deals 40% of damage based on your mana
* Mist/Wind now confers a 20% chance to miss.
* Ember/Stone now increases elixir balance instead, and extends
elixir balance time by 1 second, up from .75.

- Monks now generate double the kai from their own attacks if they're
using Kainet.

- Protect now requires your target to have you allied.

- Shrug now requires balance and equilibrium.
- Shrug now uses 3 seconds of balance.
- Shrug now costs 200 endurance.
- Removed the cooldown on Shrug.

- Throwing now has an actual affect on your miss chance.

- Stability has been reworked:
* New command: STABILITY.
* Grants the mass defence with no timer.

- Fitness increased to 150 endurance, up from 12.
- Bow damage from normal arrows now takes into account 50% of armor,
up from 35%.
- Sensitivity damage bonus increased to 40%, up from 33%.
- Serenity, etc, now requires balance in order to use.
- Frost, Caloric, and Venom elixir resistances lowered to 10%, down
from 15%.
- THROW now calculates its damage based on your dexerity, instead
of strength.
- THROW now applies artifact weapon rune effects, such as for
example, serration.
- THROW has been completely rewritten, so please submit a BUG if you
notice something acting out of the ordinary.
- Vanquished the evil demon global variable known as 'at'. Bwahaha!
- Merry Christmas guys!

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Lleian, in the year 379 MA.