IRE Jackpot Lottery IRE Jackpot Lottery

Every week, a credit lottery is run on all the Iron Realms games. The lottery runs weekly, and the prize for the winner is 5,000 unbound credits. If there is no winner for the week, the prize is increased by another 5,000 unbound credits (see below).


Lottery tickets can be obtained in three ways:

- With credit purchases. Whenever you purchase credits, you receive the same amount of lottery tickets. For example, if you purchase 200 credits, you receive 200 lottery tickets.  For every 500 purchased credits, you receive additional 250 tickets. For example, if you purchase 600 credits, you receive a total of 850 tickets. If you purchase 1000 credits, you receive 1500 tickets. This bonus does not carry over between individual smaller purchases. The bonus credits from sales or memberships do not increase the ticket amount.

- IRE LOTTERY BUY <amount> TICKETS allows you to purchase tickets. Each ticket costs 1 bound Credit.

- IRE LOTTERY BUY <amount> TICKETS FOR <player> allows you to purchase tickets for any friend of yours. Each ticket costs 1 unbound Credit.

Elite membership extensions do not grant any lottery tickets.

- You can check IRE LOTTERY to see how many tickets you have for the next drawing.


Every week on Sunday, at 00:00 GMT, two things can happen:

- There is a 50% chance that no winner is selected. The prize is then rolled over to the next week and increased by 5,000 credits. This means that if no winner is selected for a week, the prize becomes 10,000 credits. If no winner is selected for 2 weeks, the prize becomes 15,000 credits, and so on. All the tickets carry over to the next week as well.

- Otherwise, a random ticket is chosen from all the tickets bought since the last winner was selected, and its owner receives the prize. The prize then resets back to 5,000 credits.

The lottery is IRE-wide, with one winner in total - the winner can be from Aetolia, or from any of the other four Iron Realms.