Yuzurai Village

25.7.25 Yuzurai Village

Long ago, after generations of mingling with the other races of Sapience, the Atav people became what we now know as the Atavians. Eventually, worried for the survival of their own culture, they largely decided to return to the mountains of their origin. This marked the founding of Aerie, which for further generations was protected from discovery.

Unknown to all but a handful, a small collection of families broke away at the same time, intending to find their own path in life. They traveled far and wide, crossing the desert and eventually finding a home deep within the Itzatl rainforest. Here they developed into their own tribe, known as the Yuzurai. They hold a deep reverence for fire.

They are a primitive, isolated people with very little understanding of the world at large. Only a recent and overwhelming invasion by a number of rojalli has forced them to seek help from beyond the safety of their treetop village.