13.9 Writhe

When adventuring you may sometimes find yourself bound by a variety of things. Sword wielders can impale you with their blade, and Shamans can entangle you in choking vines. To avoid this, you have the ability to WRITHE. This might be a fight in your mind, or by physically twisting and turning.

Typing WRITHE on its own will pick the first best thing to writhe from, though it will then take a couple of seconds before you twist yourself free.

If you are bound by several bindings you may choose with WRITHE FROM <type> where type is any of those below.

Type            Description
impaled         A blade through your guts. Ow!
armpitlock      A favorite among the hairy.
necklock        There's better ways to say 'I love you.'
thighlock       A bit too close for comfort!
transfix        Oooh, shiny!
bind            Hmm. Ankles and wrists tied together.
tar             Sticky tar that holds you down.
ropes           So many ropes.
vines           The grasp of the forest.
web             Sticky strands of web.
hoist           Let go of me, bird!
grappled        Within the grip of your foe.