Woodcraft Approval Guidelines

22.2.10 Woodcraft Approval Guidelines

The art of the plane and lathe, woodcraft offers design opportunities for many of the tools used in the every day. 

   - While not limited purely to wood, the use of metals, etc, should be the application a carpenter might use, as opposed to a jewelry whose mastery is with metal and jewels. 
   - Wood commodities can be used for nearly any common wood in the real world or in game, that does not exist as its own individual commodity. EG: Redwood exists in game but not as an item, so wood can be used. Driftwood exists as its own commodity, so that is the one that should be used. 

   - Tinderboxes must contain some sort of lighting mechanism that is suitable for Sapience's technology. Fluid lighters and mechanized strikers are not feasible at this time. 

   - Vials cannot be made completely out of gems, crystals, or other materials that would otherwise relegated to Jewelcraft, nor made to mimic the artifact vials. Glass can be used, but should be fairly rudimentary. 
   - Any item that overlaps with Taxidermy (trophy, specimens in jars, wall mounting, displays, etc) should use the Taxidermy talent, not approximated through other trades.