Wheel of Fates

18.4.5 Wheel of Fates

The Wheel of Fates can be found just outside Esterport at room #1180, 'Before the bridge to Esterport'. When spun, the Wheel has a chance of bestowing a reward upon you.

The Wheel can only be spun during certain promotions that we run. At all other times, one needs a skull token to spin the Wheel. To spin the Wheel, simply do SPIN WHEEL. If you are using a skull token, then you should SPIN WHEEL SKULL, instead.

The Wheel currently has chances of the following, if using Skull Tokens. They are in ascending order of odds:

Large Artifact
Middle Artiact
200 Credits
Small Artifact
100 Credits
Artifact Tattoos
50 Credits
Morphic Metal
Relic Pieces
Artifact Pipe
Compendium Page
Cryptic Chest
30 Credits
Elemental Globe

Specifics within this list follow, mostly. Some is secret.

Large Artifact Powers
reflections, substitution L3, web_evasion, clarity L3, loki_sting, caves_burrow, clouds_flight, portals, wormhole_warp

Middle Artifact Powers
cloaking, shroud, room_spy, extra_tattoo, flight

Small Artifact Powers
dominance, ignore_weather, flowerpot, hide_honours, statboost, grab_throw

Free spins of the wheel are a total mystery to everyone. Also, this file might be full of lies and I could be being sneaky about artifacts hidden in the list.