Western Tundra

20.11.155 Western Tundra

Spanning far into the bitter colds of the north is the Western Tundra. Accessible only by the icy plain of the Southern Tundra, this snowy expanse is nearly entirely detached from the comforts of shelter. However, persevering in the tempestuous conditions are the famed Indyuk Warriors, who take refuge in the icy tunnel village of Nuunva and survive on the rugged penguins, orgyuk and other hardy creatures found inhabiting the periphery of the tundra's icy lake. Also buried beneath the blanket of snow is the mysterious Ankyrean Laboratory, which has been left abandoned with only few hints to the torturous acts the labs must have witnessed. 

An impressive stripe of the Tarean Mountain Range spans the southern tip of the Tundra. To the north, visible beyond the deadly drop of the glacier cliffs, the Northern Tundra (thus unexplored) can be seen as far as vision allows. To the west is the frigid expanse of the ocean, just beyond a perilous drop from the intimidating ice cliffs.