Weapons Artifacts

23.3.18 Weapons Artifacts

AP: artifact_quiver  a quiver of Cthalut           100 cr
    - A quiver that will never decay.

AP: fastening        an iron-wrought weapon chain  150 cr
    - This artifact acts like a permanent weapon-gripping defence (or fist-sigil for all your weapons) while worn. Never lose your weapons again!

AP: L1, L2, L3 hunters_boon
   Bows of the Hunt            21/35  7%           350 cr
   Darkbow of the Hunt         23/37 14%           700 cr
   Lupine Bow of the Hunt      26/38 21.5%        1400 cr

Hunters_boon Disclaimer: Percentages are the speed increase compared to a darkbow. Aim and Snipe abilities are not included.

AP: weaponbelt       a Selunic weaponbelt          100 cr
    - A uniquely designed weaponbelt with double the slots as a normal weaponbelt.

Runes can be bought and attached to a weapon for various effects. Once attached, the only way you can get the rune back is by the weapon being destroyed or decaying. Only one of each rune type can be attached to a weapon.

Syntax: ATTACH <rune> TO <weapon>

AP: asp              a rune of the asp             250 cr
    - If no venoms are on the weapon, will randomly envenom it. 1/3rd of these messages will be hidden. Normal envenoming overrides this. This does not work for bludgeoning weapons.

AP: blunt_power      a rune of bludgeoning         500 cr
    - Adds 5% blunt damage to a weapon's attack (bludgeoning weapons only).

AP: cutting_power    a rune of cutting             500 cr
    - Adds 5% cutting damage to a weapon's attack (cutting weapons only).

AP: leech            a rune of the leech           250 cr
    - Each time the weapon does damage to an opponent, you gain 5% the amount of damage in health.

AP: rune_remove      a venantium magnet            600 cr
    - Allows the owner of the magnet to remove any runes belonging to them from a weapon, simply ATTACH the magnet to the weapon. Can only be used once every 60 minutes.

AP: L1, L2, L3 statboost 
    - A rune of empowerment, boosts your weapon's stats by 6 points per level of the rune.
    L1 statboost 200 cr
    L2 statboost 400 cr
    L3 statboost 800 cr

Statboost Disclaimers:
  * Empowerment cannot be attached to bows.
  * Empowerment will NOT affect the balance usage of Dhuriv, despite boosting the speed of the Dhurive. Dhuriv balance usage is not based on weapon speed.
  * Empowerment will NOT affect the balance usage of Terramancy flail attacks. Terramancy flail usage is not based on weapon speed.
  * Stat increases give DIMINISHING RETURNS. Do not expect much gain in damage or speed if you increase the stats of a weapon with already high stats.
  * NO FULL REFUNDS if the bonus gained by the rune does not meet your standards.

AP: targeted_power   a rune of targeting           500 cr
    - Adds extra body part damage based on how much you normally do. You will do an extra 5% than normal. i.e. 5% based on how much you were already doing. It will not increase it from 5% to 10%, but instead from 5% to 5.25%.

AP: transformation   a rune of transformation      125 cr
    - Can store customization information on ONE weapon type. When attached to a weapon of that type, it will transform the weapon into the customized description. First description with the rune is free, changing it thereafter costs standard customization fee. Use the HELP CUSTOMIZATION system on the rune to set its appearance.

Transformation Disclaimer: Allows you to create magical weapons (within reason - ask before purchasing) that normal forging otherwise wouldn't.