8.6.14 Wayfarers

The Wayfarers are hardy warriors, originating from the wastelands and wilderness of Albedos. The original Albedi group maintains a constant watch over the forces of Drakkenmont, resisting the Empire as it strikes forth from its southern bastion to regain power over the continent. 

The other primary group of Wayfarers roams the continent of Sapience, their training independent of the regulation of its four major city-states, even if hold citizenship themselves.

Loners by nature, the Wayfarers tend to avoid large settlements, scavenging what they need from the land. They venture into outlying towns solely for information and bounties. Scattered across the continents, they unite only to share stories, trade information, and warm themselves by the vigil fires in their camps and hideouts - then, they venture forth once more. They have never had a need for a central authority, eschewing the guild structure common upon the continent of Sapience.

A Wayfarer will always be found carrying several handaxes - their weapon of choice - and they don leather armor in preference to heavier protection in order to preserve their mobility. When opportunity presents itself, they will cut a raging swathe through their opponents, stopping only to claim trophies from the fallen. They dive fearlessly into the fray, their commanding shouts inspiring allies and striking terror into their foes.

Above and beyond other fighting folk, they are a fury to be reckoned with upon the battlefield, employing the arts of Wayfaring, Fury, and Tenacity to endure, outlast, and destroy their enemies.