Vortex Specifics Vortex Specifics

You can see HELP SHATTERED VORTEX for full details on the lore for the area. You can enter the Shattered Vortex by touching the portal within the northwestern Bloodwood (v56731) or on the Northern Road nearby Ayhesa (v4101). To get out, there is a matching portal where you come into the Vortex (v36079) or over in the eastern side (v36540). 

There will be a delay to allow only one person in at a time at either end, same with getting out. You cannot do ANYTHING (communication, movement, attacks) or it will cancel the transport. By default, transport time is 25 seconds for Enorian and 30 seconds for anyone else. There is an iron coin artifact to reduce this transport time.

-The area is open-PK. There are no limits to how many people from any organization can be in the zone at any given time.

Note: Any conflict initiated within the The Vortex will not be carried outside of it. Likewise, revenge cannot be enacted for deaths received in the The Vortex while your target is outside of The Vortex. 

-It is off-plane. Wings and lockets will not work. Sapience cannot be reached in normal communication. There is a ring item that can be purchased that will do the affect of lockets while within the zone.

-There are two factions for you to choose from: Aztob Cult and Demonsbane Revolt. Slaying allies from either side or helping (questing for) either side will get you enemied to the other and earn you faction points (should you have discovered the faction).

NOTE: You will be able to get enemied/shunned to both sides if you are not careful. There is an iron coin artifact you can purchase if you need to get unenemied/unshunned.

-Sentient NPCs are crit-immune. They provide 50% more experience than the other npcs in the zone.

-The XP bonus from the challenger's writ does stack for this zone. You can purchase this item from being a part of the Sect. There is a general XP bonus in the zone for it being a PvP open zone.

-Aztob/Demonsbane main combatants, not reinforcements and not named NPCs, will drop fingers. These can be turned into Ayeli or Junal for faction points. They can be exchanged with other players. They will also have a small chance to drop a relic piece, which can be combined for one of four consumable items (HELP VORTEX MERCHANDISE).

-All merchandise is stocked within each faction's hall. Some are protected from lower ranking persons in their factions. A single room in each faction hall, which requires standing at the highest rank possible with that group, will provide the ability to speak to those on the normal plane while within it. These halls are still open-PK and take 15 seconds channeling time to travel to. The faction halls have a single room, for high ranking officials, to be able to communicate with Sapience while within it.

-Turning in quests to NPCs in the zone will strengthen that side. When strengthened, that side will get extra reinforcement warriors. There is a sign at either entrance portal to state which side is currently winning. These signs can also be touched by those of high standing with a faction to be transported directly into their faction hall. The transport has the same requirements as the normal portal entrance.

-Angels, demons, treants, amalgamations, and turtles are the only neutral NPCs.

-Brock in Esterport can provide daily quests that reward a person in fingers, experience, gold, and faction points.

See HELP VORTEX MERCHANDISE for a list of items available from the two vendors.