Village of Bihrkaen

25.7.6 Village of Bihrkaen

The people of the village of Bihrkaen are a proud people. Most were originally thought to have been born of the muck of the Birka Mire and Ashtan Bog. However, it has since been discovered that the Haag had been taking living and dead bodies and experimenting upon them - leaving what she considered to be failed experiments to live out their days in the mire. Many of them had come to despise their undead forms, claiming themselves unnatural, once they found out the truth. They lashed out, there was civil war, and many were destroyed in the turmoil.

Barkhul Rotclaw sought the counsel of Chakrasul after several of Her followers were found investigating his people. She brought about calm by showing the Bihrkaen that they were not unnatural, but superior, and advised that She would assist Barkhul in helping them further advance and strengthen themselves.

Using the knowledge of Necromancy that Chakrasul directly brought to Barkhul, he strengthened his kin to such an extent that most could finally - in their own unique way - communicate with one another and others. They found their intelligence increased, able to collect supplies better and even forge stronger tools to protect themselves. As the Bihrkaen strengthened, the respect for their status grew and so they accepted that undeath did make them more powerful.

Using this strength, Barkhul took out the Haag that created them and hid away the village for a short time. Now, the plant-like humanoids have opened up their rebuilt village to all who might wish to visit.