Urmoc Urmoc

The highest-ranking tribe on the Nazedha islands, Urmoc rose to prominence after the Sage Lahkencai was born; in addition to building the Dark Spire in the city of Nazedha and founding the Sages, Lahkencai brought about a religious revolution that finally served as a cause to unite the splintered Nazedha peoples. Tribe Urmoc, with its strict hold upon the religious caste, is now synonymous with that higher caste, and lives in the inner city. The last Emperor of Nazedha, Baelak Shipbreaker, was of this tribe.

Former tribes conquered and assimilated by Urmoc include the Jaloki and Karinhi, who joined with the Ermoki to comprise the tribe as it stands today. Any of the three names are common surnames for Arqeshi or Nazetu of Urmoc descent.