Untethered Skills

9.5.3 Untethered Skills

HELP <skillname> - Obtain general information about a skill.
AB <skillname> - List of the abilities under a specific skill.
AB <skillname> <ability> - Specific information about an ability.

Sentaari       Guild Aligned Spirit, Class Untethered.
   Kaido          Gain mastery over your body and Kai energy.
   Tekura         A brute-force style of martial arts.
   Telepathy      Mental manipulation at its finest.

Shapeshifters  No Guild.
   Ferality       Dig into your enemies with tooth and claw.
   Shapeshifting  Transform into a ferocious were-beast.
   Vocalizing     Howl both curing and devastating effects.

Syssin         Guild Aligned Shadow, Class Untethered.
   Assassination  Use of poisons and potent killing methods.
   Hypnosis       Seal and suggest the mind unknowingly.
   Subterfuge     A diverse skill of shadow and espionage.

Wayfarers      No Guild.
   Fury           The blood and rage of battle.
   Tenacity       The brutal use of handaxes.
   Wayfaring      Survive even the harshest of environments.