9.9.4 Toxicology

Toxicology is the art and science of poisons, rendered from beasts and plants found across Sapience. Often used as a weapon, many combatants use the venoms derived from the possess to envenom their blades and arrows in order to incapacitate and slay their enemies. The effects range from common physical ailments such as wracking pain or an inability to breathe, to the more arcane effects of pacifying the soul or preventing magical teleportation.

The Toxicologist is naught without the tools and ingredients found within a preservation room. In order to begin milking a venom, you must first stand within a preservation room (which you can determine using SURVEY). Most cities will have one, so ask around if you are unsure where to find one.

Once there, you can begin to MILK a venom either into a venom rag, your fluidcache, or a cask for sale in a shop. The process is a quick one and no extra tools are required. Once you have what you need, you are done!

Common syntaxes:
CRAFT RAG                                 - Craft a venom rag from some cloth.
MILK <venom> INTO <rag|cask|FLUIDCACHE>   - Milk a venom.
REFILL RAG FROM <cask>                    - Replenish a rag from a shop cask.
SQUEEZE <rag>                             - Remove venom from a rag.