Teshen Caldera and Undercroft

25.13.36 Teshen Caldera and Undercroft

The Teshen are an ancient race, most closely related to the Mhun; occasionally roaming the Mhojave desert, they lair within the Teshen Caldera, as well as the Teshen Undercroft. The former is a series of rough-dug caves, occupying the earth where the tunnels of Moghedu once lay - the latter is a primeval temple, honoring the gods of the Mhun, and encircling the sleeping shape of the Teshen Mother, an immense behemoth buried far beneath the Vashnars. Though it is clear that the Teshen are sentient, they do not speak, and their default response to all things not-Teshen is unresponsiveness or unrestrained aggression.