Talisman of Sapience Talisman of Sapience

The Talisman of Sapience is an item made to represent massive amounts of information regarding each environment found on Sapience, and even some outside. By insetting it with carvings associated with these environments, it can grant you bonuses and powers that only work in those environments.

Carvings may be found inside relic crates, in the form of a carving fragment. These fragments may be combined like a normal relic, or inset directly. Bonuses and effects are listed below. Again, effects ONLY work in the environments you have unlocked.

Level 1 Bonuses
Celerity: +1 Movement
Experience: +5% EXP
Improved Sleep: Sleep regenerates you faster
Improved Meditate: Meditation is more effective

Level 2 Bonuses
Endurance Regen: +5%
Willpower Regen: +5%
Critical Bonus: +5%
Reduced Exploss from Death: A secret, but it is reduced

Level 3 Bonuses
HP Regen: +5%
MP Regen: +5%
Faster Death Sequence: A secret, but it is reduced
Longer Overkill: +15%
Improved Tattoos: 33% chance to not use a charge
Damage Bonus: +5% (to mobiles)


This will give you a random power in that environment, starting from the bottom up. This means that if you inset a fragment for the Tundra environment, you will get a random level 1 ability, until you have all of the level 1 abilities for Tundras, in which case it will be a random level 2, etc. This will always slot into YOUR talisman.

If you combine 3 pieces into a full relic, the randomness will begin at level 2. Once all level 2 powers are gained, you will start on level 3. Only after 2 and 3 are filled will it fall back to 1. This will always slot into YOUR talisman.

This will give you listing of the environments your talisman has become attuned to.

TALISMAN ANALYZE <environment>
A much more detailed view of the bonuses on a specific environment.

Fragments reroll differently than normal. It will cost 1 bound credit, but it will reroll to another environment instead of another piece from its set.

Fragments assemble into a full carving via the normal method. If you choose to RELIC ASSEMBLE ENVCARVING, the first full set of 3 matching environments will be assembled. If you wish to skip over a set and make a different one, put them away before you run this command!

A talisman need only be in your inventory to work, you do not have to wear it. Talismans are nontransferable, but the pieces are. There are a GREAT MANY environments, so good luck!