18.1.11 Survivor

The Survivor game pits you against a swathe of bloodthirsty creatures in which your aim is to survive the onslaught and kill the boss of the final wave. You can also win the Survivor game by being the last person alive in the arena, so survival is everything!

Each Survivor event has a difficulty level which is set by the initiator
of the game. There is the easy difficulty, the medium difficulty, hard, 
impossible, and a special nightmare level that only Divine may host. The
level of the game will effect how many creatures are spawned in each    

Every five minutes, a host of creatures will be spawned by the game in a
'wave'. There are a number of options you can take to help you win the game, such as killing all the creatures, avoiding them, or grouping up with other players to help fight them off. Each wave increases in difficulty as the creatures become tougher and use more powerful attacks, so it might not always be the best idea to avoid the creatures, as they'll simply build up over time. In addition, there's a huge variety of creatures that can be spawned, so you can expect each game to put you against different situations each time.

During the Survivor game, the idea is to fight the creatures, and not   
the players. You may not attack or use hindering abilities to try and   
knock other players out of the game. And since not all creatures can    
fly, you may not fly into the skies or swing into the trees within the  

Lastly, you can check how the event is going with ES <arena>, or        
EVENTSTATUS <arena>. This'll show you the timer until the next wave,   
the difficulty level, and how many waves are left, including all the    
participants in the game.

Each boss has a distinct personality and is geared to succeed in a certain area. The list below tells you about them:

** A two-headed ogre **
Known to be able to regenerate itself at alarming rates, the ogre will
also have its health refreshed and become more powerful for each player
it kills.

** A purple hydra **
A deadly creature known to be able to freeze players solid in a single
blow, it will have a chance to instantly kill the player it is targeting
if they fall under 50% of their max health.

** A fearsome bone dragon **
Covered with bacteria and rotting flesh, players are often left highly
afflicted and sick while fighting this monster. It also possesses
lightning fast reflexes and can evade attacks.

** A monstrous sandman **
A powerful elemental that prefers to disable opponents and slowly beat
them to death. Known to try and trap players that attempt to escape and
counter-attack those that try to destroy it.

** A sorcerous puppetmaster **
Rather weak sorceror that entangles opponents and attempts to weaken
them. He possesses the ability to summon living puppets to aide him in
battle, making him a highly deadly opponent to deal with alone.

** A foul, green furred grinch (Celesmas special) **
Very strong and able to dish out large amounts of pain. The grinch
possesses the ability to call all aggressive creatures in a
radius around him to rally to his aide when close to death.

** A disfigured man (Halloween special) **
Sporting a single bladed glove, the disfigured man is at his most
powerful when you are asleep. Avoid falling asleep for too long
to stand a chance against him, lest he devours you in your dreams.

Read HELP ARENA for more information on the arena and related commands.