18.4.4 Stockings

Stockings can potentially contain any of the following items:

Between 2000 and 75000 gold sovereigns per roll.

15, 50, 100, 250, or 500 credits depending on how lucky you are.

An edible product that grants you temporary bonus when consumed.

* Grimstim pills, which grant you a bonus to critical.
* Phoenix heart, which restores your endurance to full.
* Red Bull's eye, which restores your willpower to full.
* Mint chocolate, which grants bonus exp gain.
* Caramel chocolate, which grants more damage vs NPCs.
* Hazelnut chocolate, which grants a boon to your stats.
* Strawberry chocolate, which grants you extra health and mana.

Iron Coins
10 Iron Coins.

Relic pieces
A random phylactery relic, from the general set! HELP PHYLACTERY for information on these.

Style scrolls

Vox iterators
Refer to HELP VOX.

An encephalous crystal
This crystal will allow you to use the CLASS RESET COOLDOWN command without any lesson cost. One-time use. It is bound to you and can only be used by yourself.

Between 5 and 10 Obsidian inks, plus a random amount of three other types of normal inks.

Double Experience Chalice
The chalice will not be bound to you, so you can give it away or sell it. 

One of over 40 different minipets that have now been retired are in the stockings selection.

Artifact vial
A special Celesmas-themed artifact vial.

Antiquated artifact salvage

Cryptic chest
Don't ask how Ironbeard fit that into the stocking. Refer to HELP CRYPTIC CHESTS.

Racetrack tickets
10 racetrack tickets for use at the Vakmut racetracks. HELP RACETRACK.

100cr artifact
Chosen from this list:
- Artifact pack
- A Lleisian crystal necklace of rebirth  
- Moneypouch
- A helical bracer
- A grey soulstone
- spirit_anchor*
- A Selunic weaponbelt

200cr artifact
Chosen from this list:
- Clarity level 1*
- A Banner of Dominance
- A flowerpot
- An Ocular of the Havens
- hide_honours*
- A white soulstone
- expand_fluidcache level 2*
- A rune of empowerment

800cr artifact
Chosen from this list:
- A wand of reflection
- A target dummy
- A pair of boots of the spider
- clarity level 3*
- A wyvern's tail
- A collar of augmentation
- A sulfurous amulet
- A pair of wings of the eagle
- A wand of portals
- A dimensional vibrating stick
- A Celestine rune of empowerment


Four lucky gold stockings drawn on December 25th will contain one of these:

A Ring of Elemental Mastery
A ring that contains all the elemental resistance enchantments upon it. It also contains the icewall, firewall, frostblast and firelash enchantments which you can switch between by TURNing the ring. These enchantments will never fade.

A Market Stall Construction Kit
This kit can be used to create a portable shop, and may be placed anywhere by the owner providing another shop is not already located there. Requires the room it's being set up in to not have an exit to the in.

An Orb of Nullification
This orb will prevent any actions against you which attempt to directly force you to perform unintended acts.

A Torc of Vitality
The Torc of Vitality grants the use of the Vitality ability. This artifact can only be used by its owner.


Four lucky platinum stockings drawn on January 1st will contain one of these:

A Helm of Command
Lets you COMMAND (force) people in your room to do stuff. Takes 4 second of unmodifiable equilibrium.

A Bangle of Returning
The Bangle of Returning will allow you to mark a room and return to it at will from anywhere on the same continent. The movement is not instantaneous and is subject to recent-aggression checks that prevent it from being used after recent combat.

A (nigh) Limitless Capacity Token
If you are holding one of these when you CLASS EXPAND CAPACITY, you will unlock the maximum of twelve (12) class slots, consuming the token.

An Ironwall Ring
This ring works similar to a ring enchanted with icewall. However, the wall of iron it creates is indestructible. The wall crumbles away after ten minutes, and the ring can only create one wall every 30 minutes.