Special Emotes

3.19.3 Special Emotes

Below are emotes specific to different organizations or races. If any of these do not seem to function for some reason, please make sure to BUG it.

Racial Restricted:

Atavian: wingflutter
Azudim: tailthump, tailflick
Dwarf: beardtug
Grecht: chitter, wingflutter
Grook: eyelid
Horkval: mandibles, masticate
Human: average
Imp: tailflick, wingflutter
Kelki: eyelid
Mhun: fingerflex
Rajamala: eyewhisker, whisker, earflick, tailflick
Tekal: tailflick 
Tsol'aa: eartug
Troll: tuskrub
Xorani: tailthump, purgefire, tailflick
Yeleni: tailthump, tailflick

Organization Restricted:

Cabalists: forscience
Carnifex: carnisalute
Daru: darubow
Dominion: fangsmile
Enorian: praisethelight
Shaman: staffraise, broodcurse, reverence
Sentaari: sentaaribow
Spinesreach: unsurehroagh, hroagh, comrade
Syssin: praytodead
Teradrim: fists

Shapeshifter Restricted:
Wereboar: boarslam           
Werewolf: moonhowl, wolfcircle