Sparklight Rift

20.11.134 Sparklight Rift

During the Three Widow war, the Ascendril helped open up a rift between Huanazedha and the Three Widows - channeling fire between two focal points. Little did they know that it was similar to a ley, a chain of fire that was aligned in a snaking pattern between the Three Widows, south into Ashtan's old territory, and then southeast until reaching the volcano.

Many weeks after the rift opened, the chain of fire became unstable - due to the amount of excess fire channeled into it. After some rumblings across the realm, and deeper into the volcano, a rockwall collapsed within the volcano itself. Within this newly open hole revealed many fire elementals, some never seen before on the mortal plane.

Little does anyone know if this is the end of issues with this chain of fire, where the chain actually originates, or how these elementals even found a home within the volcano. For now, they reside peacefully within their molten home.