Southern Tundra

25.11.21 Southern Tundra

A vast stretch of land beyond the northern walls of the mountain-city of
Spinesreach and hidden along the far ridge of the Tarean Mountains, the 
tundra is a desolate and dangerous place. Great beasts roam the plains, 
permanently frozen over and occasionally plagued by obfuscating         
blizzards that confuse even the most seasoned explorer. Signs of tribal 
activity cover the tundra, but no known peoples call it home, the       
environment proving too tough to sustain life beyond the most hardy of  
flora and fauna.                                                        

The far reaches of the Southern Tundra extend to a sheer cliff drop at  
its farthest edge, beyond which the great expanse of the Northern Tundra
can be seen, beckoning in its virgin landscape but thus far             
inaccessible. Several great mesas dot the landscape, along with the     
piercing visage of the Azure Minaret, temple of the Sky Sovereign, Lord 
Galleus. In the northeast corner of the tundra is the sparse Sinnetok 
encampment, inhabited by the friendly Sinnetok, who are rumored to hold 
the secret to a lucrative dream vision.