Slyphe, the Changing

11.2.12 Slyphe, the Changing

Slyphe the Changing - the Maelstrom, the Tempest, the Fabricator, Goddess of Seas, God of Change. These and many other titles serve to partially describe the ever-changing, many-faced, many-gendered deity, but none encompass It in whole. God over the waters of Sapience and creator of the race of Kelki, It fights proudly for the cause of Light and Spirit, though Its nature takes it both near and far from cities, deep into the wilds of the land where Its nature is strange and forbidding.

The deity's central ideas are those of change and awareness; change being the one constant, awareness being the one way of mastering and benefiting from change. Though many tenets have been invented by It over the course of time, and mortals have conceptualized many more, all ebb and flow, rising into greater or lesser prominence with the shifting of the years. Only the sea of change remains, and awareness, the island jutting upward.

Symbols of significance to Slyphe and Its followers include the trident, flowing water, the telescope, and a tome bound in sharkskin, each with their own meanings in the context of Slyphian practice. It is strongly associated with Its children, the Kelki, whom It favors above all other races.