Skill Artifacts

23.3.14 Skill Artifacts

Below is a list of Artifact Powers that don't necessarily fit under a specific class skill, but under a General or Mercantile Skill.

AP: avoidance_recovery        a suit of reflexive webbing           500 cr
    - This artifact will reduce the cooldown of Avoidance's nimbleness and fortify skills to two minutes.

AP: forging_boon              a hammer of forging                   750 cr
     Increases the chance of higher stats when refining. Stacks with the
     racial ability as well.

AP: durable_walls             an impassable gorget                   75 cr
    - This artifact will triple the length that icewalls, firewalls, thornwalls and lightwalls will stay in existence for before naturally expiring.

AP: fast_milk                 a set of fang caps                    300 cr
    - This artifact halves the balance loss from milking venoms.

AP: milking                   a set of milking tools                500 cr
    - This artifact allows you to MILK as though you are within a preservation room, regardless of where you are. Bonus feature: You can POISON <food> to lace it with voyria.