Shopkeeping Artifacts

23.3.13 Shopkeeping Artifacts

AP: artifact_tap     a wooden keg                  25 cr
    - Works like a cask, allows you to store brewing liquids.

AP: cask             a small wooden cask           40 cr
    - Refer to HELP CASKS.

AP: enchant_store    a scroll rack                 40 cr
    - This artifact is capable of storing enchantment charges that you can then sell in a shop, similar to casks. Each rack can only store a single variation of enchantment, and hold up to 65000 charges for them.

AP: L1 extra_shelves  a DIY carpentry kit         150 cr
    - Doubles the amount of shop shelves you can have in your shop from 10 to 20. Drop it in your stockroom for it to work.

AP: L1, L2, L3 stockroom_expand
    A collapsible shelf - When placed in a shop's stockroom, this artifact will expand the stockroom's max size. Only one shelf per stockroom will work.
    - L1             expand by 100                100 cr
    - L2             expand by 200                200 cr 
    - L3             expand by 400                400 cr

To upgrade a shelf, add the desired upgraded level to the existing shelf.
e.g. AP <power number> on <existing shelf number>