Shamanism Shamanism

Navigating the world of spirits is a daunting endeavor, one that may only be entrusted to those who have earned their place among soothsayers and prophets. The skill of Shamanism involves intense study of the unseen, and ways to discern their motives through portents and communication alike. A fully trained shaman maintains a direct link to the plane of primal life, Dendara, and by swearing allegiance through blood oaths, gains a measure of control over the spirits themselves.

A Shaman is armed with a number of rituals, from simple bonecasting to track their foe's actions, to adorning protective masks of bone, to casting ill fate upon their victim through ominous premonitions and even omens of death. Alongside this, a Shaman learns of the various crafted fetishes they may string upon their staff, and how each fetish is more than a mere symbol. In the face of an empowered fetish, one's actions can rapidly alter their future and ensnare them in a painful and often inescapable trap.

Finally, the spirits themselves may come to the aid of a Shaman who beckons them, and fight alongside them as a testament to the primal, morphing bond they once shared. While independent of the Shaman's strikes, such a familiar can take on many shapes, ranging from a simple raven to a terrifying wyvern.